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April 29, 2023
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Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples is a Hollywood, California-born American actress as well as a singer best known for her role as Pam Fields in the television series “Pretty Little Liars”. Born on 10 December 1961, she is of Filipino, Spanish, German and French descent. A well-known actress in Hollywood as well as on television, Nia Peeples has been active in her profession since 1981.

One of the more prominent actresses as well as a singer who has found fame in both fields, one may wonder how rich is Nia Peeples at present? As estimated by sources, Nia counts her net worth at an amount of $1.5 million in early 2016. Needless to say, her involvement in the entertainment sector for more than three decades now has been most significant in helping her amass her wealth. Being both a successful singer and an actor has earned quite well for Nia over the years.

Nia Peeples Net Worth $1.5 Million

Nia was raised in West Covina by her flamenco dancer mother and father. She attended UCLA and performed in Las Vegas while she was still a student. After graduating, Nia started her career as a performer in the group “The Young Americans”, but really kick- started her career as an actress when she debuted in the TV movie “A Single Light”. Eventually, she found prominence in Hollywood as she appeared in several movies such as “North Shore”, “Poodle Springs” and many more. She also worked with artists James Brown, Joe Morton and J. Evan Bonifant in the 1998 movie “Blues Brothers 2000”.

While Nia was earning fame being a Hollywood actress, she also came to prominence on American television as she appeared in television series including “General Hospital”, “Days Of Our Lives” and others. She became more famous when she was cast in the series “Fame” as Nicole Chapman. Until today, she has worked in about 30 television series, the most notable being “Nasty Boys”, “The New WKRP In Cincinnati”, “Courthouse”, “Walker, Texas Ranger” among others. More recently, Nia has appeared in the series “The Young And The Restless” in which she shares the screen with actors Steve Burton, Peter Bergman and others. Since 2010, Nia has been appearing in the series “Pretty Little Liars” in which she portrays Pam Fields, the mother of one of the main cast played by actress Shay Mitchell. Of course, being a part of these successful projects has definitely added well to Nia’s net worth over the years.

Alongside acting, Nia has also been active as a singer. Until today, she has released three albums namely “Nothin’ But Trouble”, “Nia Peeples” and “Songs Of The Cinema”.

Regarding her personal life, 54 year-old Nia has been married to her fourth husband Sam George since 2004, but has recently filed for divorce. The mother of two children, Nia was previously married to Guy Ecker, Howard Hewett with whom she has a son, and Lauro Chartrand with whom she has a daughter. As of now, she lives in Malibu, California with her children while enjoying her career as a successful actress. Moreover, her present net worth of $1.5 million allows her to live her life just as she wants it while catering to her everyday needs.

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