Mike Shouhed Net Worth

May 5, 2023
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Michael “Mike” Shouhed was born on 12 October 1978, in Tehran, Iran, and is a Persian-American commercial real estate agent and a TV persona, perhaps best known for his role in the Bravo reality television series “Shahs of Sunset”, which has probably had the biggest impact on his total net worth.

So, just how rich is Mike Shouhed? As of early 2016, the Persian-American’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million by sources, the larger part of his wealth having come from his work as a real estate agent, and from his television appearances. He owes his wealth to clever real estate investments and deals, and to being a persistent person. He has said that his contract for the second season of the TV show was over $100,000. Mike has also signed profitable endorsement deals with some large companies such as Nerium International, a skincare business. He owns a large residence in Los Angeles, which is also where he conducts his business from.

Mike Shouhed Net Worth $2 Million

Mike has Persian ancestry of which he is very proud – his parents are Persian Jews and have two other sons. Mike grew up in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, where he spent his childhood. He then went to UCLA, and graduated with a BA degree having studied political science and economics. After that he went to work as a real estate agent in Las Vegas, but when that failed in 2008, he moved back to Los Angeles. Although he lost some money, he did not fail completely, and started the business again, and even invested in a clothing line.

Mike Shouhed became famous for his role in the TV series “Shahs of Sunset”, which was specifically about adolescent Iranian-Americans living in Beverly Hills. It is a reality show and much of his life is presented in it. He has had one of the main roles in five seasons so far, and is currently occupied with acting in the show. He also did a photo shoot for Playgirl magazine in 2013.

In his personal life, in early 2015 Mike Shouhed married Jessica Parido after five years together – thr proposal was filmed while they were sky-diving – Jessica had also appeared in seasons two to five of “Shahs of Sunset”, but then they decided to divorce just eight months later, very publicly; he doesn’t have any children. However, Mike is reputed to be a real Don Juan, having been allegedly connected to a great number of women. There was even a controversy about his marital life, it having been rumoured that the divorce came about because he cheated on his wife. Having spent the past five years on TV, not much is private or mysterious about him. Some of the cast members have been friends since childhood. His Facebook page contains information about his hobbies and interests, as well as his photos.

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