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March 2, 2024
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George Michael “Micky” Ward, Jr. also known as “Irish” Micky Ward, was born on 4 October 1965, in Lowell, Massachusetts USA, and is a former professional boxer who earned most of his net worth through the sport. He is well known for his trilogy with Arturo Gatti, two fights of which were called Fights of the Year by Ring Magazine. He is portrayed in the movie “The Fighter” by Mark Wahlberg, a movie that details his struggles and rise to success.

How rich is Micky Ward? Sources estimate that his net worth is at $500,000, most of his income having come from his boxing career, with a little from owning a boxing gym and an outdoor hockey rink. His biggest increases came during his trilogy with Arturo Gatti, which earned him $3 million.

Micky Ward Net Worth $500,000

Ward started his professional boxing career after becoming a three-time New England Golden Gloves champion. He turned pro in 1985 and went on to win his first fourteen fights. After this incredible start, his career suddenly crashed down after two consecutive losses during 1990 and 199, after which he decided to take a hiatus from boxing, during which he worked on a road-paving crew, earning money to help fix his right hand, which was badly damaged from previous fights, and so weakened that it required a bone from his pelvis to help strengthen it. The surgery was successful and it was his half-brother and former boxer Dicky Eklund who convinced him to start boxing professionally again.

Micky returned to the ring with a vengeance, winning his first nine fights, and then he went on to win the WBU Intercontinental Light-Welterweight championship against Louis Veader. He defended the belt in the rematch and then went on to fight for the IBF Light Welterweight Championship against Vince Phillips, but came up short. He then fought again one year later in 1998 against Zab Judah, but lost in a 12-round decision. In 2000, Micky would fight Shea Neary for the WBU Light Welterweight Championship, which he won but never defended, preferring in 2001 to fight Emanuel Augustus which would later become 2001’s Fight of the Year, the first that Micky earned.

Following that epic match would be the fights that define Ward’s boxing career. The first of the trilogy against Arturo Gatti was set in 2002, which Micky won by majority decision, with the two rushed to the hospital as a result from the injuries they received in the intense fight later named the 2002 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. The two then immediately decided a rematch was in place, and fought later in the same year. Gatti was able to win on points after knocking down Ward in the third round. The pair decided to make a decisive fight the following year, with Micky announcing that it would be the last professional match of his career. Even when Gatti was knocked down in this third battle, he was able to recover and win the match via unanimous decision. Both were again rushed to the hospital because of injuries sustained. The fight would be named the 2003 Fight of the Year and Micky was able to achieve what only two other boxers were able to do, claim three ‘Fights of the Year’ during one’s career.

Past his boxing career, Mickey owns and manages a gym where he helps train boxers, and an ice-rink: they keep his net worth stable.

In his personal life, Micky is married to long-time girlfriend Charlene Fleming. He lives with her and her daughter in Lowell.

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