Michael Jai White Net Worth

March 11, 2023
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Michael Jai White is an actor and a martial arts professional who has a net worth of 3.5 million dollars. Michael Jai White has earned his net worth through his numerous appearances in TV series as well as films. White is most famous for his role in a superhero movie called “Spawn” which was released in 1997. Michael was the first African American actor to portray a comic book hero in a film, a fact that helped him to get more attention. White also starred in two Tyler Perry’s films “Why did I get married?” and “Why did I get married too?”, as well as such films as “Dark Knight” and “Exit Wounds”.

Michael Jai White Net Worth $3.5 Million

Michael Jai White was born in 1976 in Brooklyn, New Yourk, USA. He started to practice martial arts when he was eight years old and achieved a high level of accomplishment in various kinds of martial arts. While his main area is Kyokushin but it is known that While has black belts in 7 different kinds of martial arts. It is also known that before becoming an actor Michael Jai also worked as a teacher.

Michael’s acting career began with his role in a television film called “Tyson” which came out on HBO in 1995. In this film Michael played a role of another Michael, the famous heavyweight boxer. White’s next role was the one for which he is still most recognized. In was a major Hollywood production “Spawn”, a film adaptation of a comic book. Michael portrayed a superhero Al Simmons. This film made a big contribution to Michael Jai White net worth. For this role he also was nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Award in the category of Best Male Newcomer. Since then White has established himself as an action film actor. He appeared in a science fiction film directed by Mic Rodgers “Universal Soldier: The Return“ along with Jean Claude Van Damme and in another action movie – Andrzej Bartkowiak “Exit Wounds” next to Steven Seagal.

Michael Jai White’s next successful work was his role in a comedy “Why did I get married?” in 2007 which was a box office success and of course added to the actor’s net worth. The director Tyler Perry made a second movie in 2010 called “Why did I get married too? In which White appeared again. Meanwhile, Michael got a role in another acclaimed movie, Christopher Nolan’s superhero thriller film “The Dark Knight” in 2008. In this movie Michael portrayed Gambol, the mob boss.

While most of Michael Jai White net worth is earned from his acting in films, some of it also comes from several music videos where he was asked to appear likely due to his skills in martial arts. In 2003 White was casted in Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey’s “I know what You want” video and 2010 he appeared in Toni Braxton’s video for her song “Hands tied” and Nicki Minaj’s “Your love”.

Michael Jai White has also made a debut as a director with a martial arts film “Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown” which also helped to raise his net worth.

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