Melissa Kennemore (Red Notice) Husband, Height, Net Worth, Bio

April 18, 2024
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Who is Melissa Kennemore?

Born on10th October 1980, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Melissa Kennemore is an American actress who has shot to fame in the last few years, thanks to her outstanding performances. Standing tall at 5ft 10in (1.77m) and weighing approximately 140lbs (64kgs), the enigmatic brunette beauty has been active in the industry since 2019.

Education & Career

Part of Melissa’s charm is thought to be that the actress doesn’t share too many details of her early life. Despite being erroneously listed as having studied at Phuket Taste of College, it’s not known if Melissa has a university degree or not.

Before her big break in the entertainment industry, Melissa was an inspiring entrepreneur and influencer, who often posted snaps of her extravagant adventures and lavish meals out. The Georgia native was also a club promoter, who used her social media to advertise events and other shindigs. Some nightclubs Melissa is closely affiliated with include The Monte Cristo, where celebrities such as Keyshia Cole have performed. In February 2019, the actress asked her Instagram followers if they wanted to charter a luxury yacht in Thailand for the TV show “Below Deck”. When asked by a friend if she was working for Bravo, Melissa replied that she was merely helping with casting.


In 2018, she also revealed that she worked as an extra on shows including “Mad Max”. Prior to that, the social media personality posted a throwback photo of her time working as a waitress at Hooters in 1998. As Melissa was born in 1980 despite other outlets listing her birthyear as 1985, it would appear that the Hooters gig was one of the influencer’s first jobs which led to bigger and better things.

First Roles

After years of being in close contact with people in the entertainment industry, Melissa’s connections helped her make her first TV appearance in a 2019 episode of the dating show “Blind Date”.

Mere months later, she played two uncredited roles in separate episodes of “Doom Patrol”, an action-adventure HBO series starring Diane Guerrero, Matt Bomer, and April Bowlby. Plumping up her acting portfolio with cameos and bit roles in “Greenleaf”, “Ambitions”, and “Jumanji: The Next Level”, Melissa was given the opportunity to work alongside important celebrities such as Jack Black and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 2020 was an even better year for the actress as she played Major Patel of Miami Police Department in “Bad Boys for Life”, a humorous Will Smith film.


Other roles include Melissa’s portrayal of a photographer in “The Outsider”, a popular adaption of the Stephen King novel of the same name; cameos in two episodes of “Ozark”; an uncredited role in the feel-good festive movie “Holidate”; and her performance as part of the Bali SWAT Team in Netflix’s “Red Notice”. Despite the majority of Melissa’s roles being uncredited, with her talent and drive there’s little doubt that the actress will announce more projects for 2022.

Hobbies & Personal Life

With Melissa’s Instagram handle being @superherosoccermom, there’s little doubt that she’s a grounded individual who places great importance on her family.

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In fact, Melissa often posts photos of her sons and loved ones on social media, and can be seen celebrating birthdays and other important events with her tight-knit group of friends. Some of Melissa’s many hobbies include modelling, fine dining, and sharing inspirational quotes with her followers. The actress is also a proud Christian, who has previously posted snaps of her church services, and enjoys uploading Bible scriptures with deep and empowering messages. In 2018, Melissa embarked on a weight loss journey, resulting in an impressive drop of 16lbs – about 7kgs – in just six weeks, thanks to a combination of healthy eating, gym workouts, and yoga sessions.


Going from a size 10 to a size 8 was a definite confidence-booster for the aspiring celebrity, who has since been hard at work to maintain her figure and lead a balanced lifestyle. Melissa has two sons that we know of, named Jason and Matthew. Jason is currently establishing his own name as a producer in the entertainment industry, despite only being in his early twenties, while Matthew is about 12 years old. As Melissa once posted a photo with the hashtag #singlemom, her fans believe that the brunette and the father of her children went their separate ways long ago. Some of Melissa’s favorite dog breeds are German short-haired pointers and pit-bulls, which just happen to be some of the actress’s pets.

As an animal lover and empath, she makes a point of purchasing make-up and other goods from cruelty-free bands.So is there anyone special in Melissa’s life as of 2022? In late December 2021, the actress sent her followers into a tailspin after posting a sweet selfie with her other half, Matt. Captioning the photo: “Love is overcoming obstacles and facing challenges, fighting to be together and never letting go. But knowing someone loves you when you don’t even love you self, is a gift”, Melissa also alluded to it being the second time she was in a relationship with Matt. Since then, Matt has been a regular feature on Melissa’s profile, as the pair saw in the new year together with friends and family.


With his striking blue eyes and blonde hair, there’s no doubt that they make an attractive couple. Matt has no known social media, and prefers to let his girlfriend enjoy the spotlight, while Melissa can always count on him for unconditional support and guidance.

Net Worth

Thanks to Melissa’s work as an events promoter and actress, her net worth is estimated at over $50,000 as of early 2022. Between jobs, the actress also works as an extra and attends castings. Depending on their union status, extras are paid differently. Non-union talents are hired for up to 12-hour days, and are paid additionally if production runs overtime. A single day of background work can earn extras up to $200 if they play their cards right, meaning that many make a living without the possible setbacks that fame brings.

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