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April 18, 2024
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Maxton Gig Beesley Jr. was born on the 16th April 1971, in Manchester, England, and is an actor as well as a musician who is most popular for appearing in TV series such as “Hotel Babylon”, “Mad Dogs”, “Suits” and more recently “Jamestown”.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this multi talented artist has accumulated so far? How rich Max Beesley is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Max Beesley’s net worth, as of late 2017, revolves around the sum of $5 million, acquired through his career in the world of entertainment which has been active since 1996.

Max Beesley Net Worth $5 million

Max was born to jazz singer Chris Marlowe and jazz drummer Maxton Beesley Sr., so it is no wonder that he has made a successful career in the entertainment business. Surrounded by and interested in music since his childhood, Max took his first steps towards a music career in his teenage when he joined Manchester Cathedral’s choir. He later attended Chetham’s School of Music, after which he enrolled at London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Upon finishing his schooling, Max served as the percussionist for the Brand New Heavies jazz and funk group, and also toured with acid jazz group Incognito in the late 1980s. These engagements provided the basis for Max Beesley’s net worth.

Beesley’s acting debut occurred in 1996, when he appeared in the “Thief Takers” TV series which was followed by a supporting role in two episodes of “The Broker’s Man” TV series. His career was set on a rising path later in 1997, when he was cast for the title role in “The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling” TV mini-series. In 1999 he was cast in his first movie role, as one of the main characters in the sports comedy film “The Match”.

As the 2000s began, Max started to appear in more demanding roles in movies, such as in “Hotel” (2001), “Anita & Me” (2002) and “The Emperor’s Wife” (2003). Between 2004 and 2006, Max starred as Dr. Rob Lake in BBC’s medical drama series “Bodies”, which all provided the basis for Beesley’s current net worth.

Subsequently Max changed the focus of his acting career towards television, and in 2006 was cast for one of his career-breakthrough roles, that of Charlie Edwards in BBC’s drama series “Hotel Babylon”, who he portrayed through the show’s four seasons ’til 2009. In the same period, Beesley also made several other memorable appearances, in “Talk to Me” and “The Last Enemy” series as well as in “London Ink” reality TV show. Between 2008 and 2010 he starred as Tom Price in the drama series “Survivors”, while from 2011 to 2013 he portrayed Woody in BBC’s psychological drama series “Mad Dogs”. It is certain that all these achievements helped Max Beesley to dramatically increase the total of his wealth.

To greater prominence in the States Beesley came in 2013, when he guest-starred in seven episodes of the TV legal drama series “Suits”. In 2015 Max was cast for the recurring role of Mike in “Ordinary Lies” British drama series, which was followed by engagements in “Strike Back”, “Homeland” and “Empire” TV shows. The most recent acting engagement of Max Beesley is the role of Henry Sharrow in the historical drama series “Jamestown”. Doubtlessly, all these involvements have helped Max Beesley to add a significant amount of money to the size of his net worth.

Additionally, over the years Max has also put some effort towards his music career – on several occasions he joined Robbie Williams on his Britain and Australian tours, serving as a pianist and percussionist.

When it comes to the personal life of Max Beesley, it has been as equally thrilling as his career – before settling down, he dated several popular actresses and musicians including Melanie Sykes, Susie Amy, Davinia Taylor as well as Dannii Minogue, Jodie Marsh and Mel B. However, since 2012 Max has been married to former dancer, Jennifer, with whom he welcomed one daughter. He is also an avid fan of Manchester United Football Club.

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