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July 13, 2023
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Martijn Garritsen is an Amstelveen, Netherlands-born musician and DJ who became a worldwide musical sensation with his chart-topping track “Animals”. Born on 14 May 1996, Martjin is popularly known by his stage name Martin Garrix, and the nineteen years-old is currently one of the most popular and highest-earning DJs in the world, and has climbed to fame in no time, as Martin has been active in his field only since 2012.

An impressive youngster with exceptional success, how rich is Martin Garrix? As of 2015, Martin’s net worth has reached $14 million which is pretty astounding as he has only been around for three years. This talented teenager has made all of his money from his musical career which started with a boom and is continuing to skyrocket. As of today, this new face in a rapidly evolving genre has been growing as Martin currently ranks at #4 in the Top 100 DJ’s as listed by “DJ Magazine”.

Martin Garrix Net Worth $14 Million

Raised in Amstelveen, Martin was very much interested in music as a child, and learnt to play guitar and piano before becoming inspired by electro music by another famous DJ, Tiesto. His enthusiasm in DJ-ing led him to buy his own DJ set, and mix at his own home. He then began playing at birthday parties and social events. A music lover, Martin found his way through the night clubs of Netherlands and took his passion to the next level of success as he started winning in different local DJ competitions. It was in 2012 that Martin was approached and signed by Spinnin’ Records, and released his album “Error 404”. Martin then graduated from Herman Brood Academy, a production school, in 2014.

He became a worldwide sensation in 2013, as his chart-topping single “Animal” which went on to dominate night clubs and discos all over the world – Martin is one of the youngest artists to become this popular with his own composition. In this narrow span of time, Martin has managed to create many other chart-topping singles which include “Animals”, “Wizards”, “Proxy”, “Tremor” and many more. This Dutch DJ and producer has played at major American music festivals like “Coachella” among others. Needless to say, all of these projects have contributed vastly to Martin’s current net worth.

On a recent note, Martin has announced his split from “Spinnin’ Records” due to some irreconcilable issues regarding his breakthrough hit “Animals”. So for now, this extraordinary musician is not under contract to any of the producing companies. He is rather doing business with major artists like “Ed Sheeran”, “Usher” and his inspiration “Tiesto” among others, virtually on his own.

Taking account of his personal life, Martin is currently enjoying the last of his teenage years as a multi-millionaire and a celebrity made by his own passion, efforts and creativity. This super-talented artist has been putting his whole focus towards his musical career and his current net worth of $14 million has been serving him to concentrate on his future endeavors without any financial stresses that any to-be adult would have at this age.

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