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August 2, 2023
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Linda Jean Córdova Carter was born in Phoenix, Arizona USA, on the 24th July 1951, of English and Scots-Irish (father) and French, Spanish and Mexican (mother) descent. Lynda Carter is a well-known singer, songwriter and actress, perhaps best known for her portrayed of “Wonder Woman’, in the popular 70s television series of the same name.

So just how rich is Lynda Carter? Sources estimate that Lynda’s net worth is $10 million, all of it made in the entertainment industry: television series, small and big screen projects, studio albums, tours, shows and advertising. She was making $3 million a year back in the ’80, but Lynda Carter and her husband own a 20,000 square foot Georgian-style mansion in Maryland, the house coming with six landscaped acres of land; it has 16 bathrooms, library with a fireplace, swimming-pool, tennis court, hot tub and a waterfall.

Lynda Carter Net Worth $10 Million

Before becoming a beauty queen, Lynda Carter was already a singer, mostly known in Arizona. As a teenager she performed in bands and dropped out of college to follow her music career. After trying her luck in Los Angeles, she came back home discouraged, but she became famous as a beauty queen when she was crowned Miss World USA in 1972, and later that year she was one of the semi-finalists in Miss World 1972. She used the money won in the beauty contest to learn how to act, and then started making serious money after she turned from singing to acting. She was the highest-paid actress on TV in the ‘70s: as Wonder Woman, she was paid $3,500 an episode and later on she was making about $1million a year, which was a record for a woman in a television series.

In 1980, Lynda Carter became the spokesperson for Maybelline Cosmetics, and in the ’90s she endorsed Lens Express. The former beauty queen has continuously been working in the industry after the television series was over. She had her own Las Vegas variety show, not only very popular, but unexpectedly successful from the financial perspective and, a few years after, she continued with a lot of variety show specials airing on CBS. Movies also contributed to her net worth, her work as an actress bringing her another estimated $3 million in the later years. Lynda Carter also had many appearances in television movies and series, such as “Slayer”, “Law & Order”, “Smallville”, “Two and a Half Men”, and “Skin Wars”.

Lynda has never given up on her calling for music either, and in 2005 she successfully appeared in “Chicago” at London’s West End Adelphi Theatre. In 2007 she put on a cabaret show, “An Intimate Evening” with Lynda Carter, performed on big stages all over the USA. After a first not so successful album released in 1978, 30 years later she has released another two albums, At Last (2009) and Crazy Little Things (2011), both well received by the American public.

Music and entertainment is another chapter which seems to help Lynda Carter become not only more and more popular, but also richer. In the last four years Lynda Carter’s net worth almost doubled, from $5.1 million in 2011 to an estimated $10 million in 2015.

In her personal life, probably the hardest moment for Lynda Carter’s finances was in 1992, when her husband Robert Altman, who was the president of First American Bank, became involved in a huge bank scandal. The entire affair ended with Altman cleared of charges, but with costs of $10 million in legal fees. These costs depleted her net worth somewhat, before Lynda Carter and the lawyer Robert Altman married in January 1984; they have two children. The singer has always remained dedicated to her family and even quit on her music career until her children went to college. She was previously married to Ron Samuels, who was also her agent at the beginning of her career.

Lynda Carter is a supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (the largest breast cancer organization in the USA), of Pro-Choice rights for women and of the legal equality for LGBT people. She uses also her fame to speak about IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) a disease which affects more and more women nowadays.

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