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April 2, 2023
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Neelufar Seyed “Lilly” Ghalichi was born on 30 April 1983, in Houston, Texas, USA of Persian descent, and is a TV show star, blogger, designer and attorney.

So just how rich is Lilly Ghalichi? Sources have estimated that Lilly has a net worth of over $2.5 million, accumulated largely from her various media activities, as well as her career in fashion.

Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth $2.5 Million

Her parents were Persian Muslim – Sadegh and Forough Ghalichi. Lilly Ghalichi enrolled at McCombs School of Business in The University of Texas at Austin, studying for a business degree from 2001 to 2005, and then moved to live in Los Angeles where she attended Loyola Law School from 2005 to 2008, graduating with a bachelor‘s degree in law. Even though she finished these schools, she decided that she would be more successful pursuing a career in fashion.

Ghalichi‘s net worth comes from multiple sources. She is most well known for appearing on reality TV shows, but besides that, she is a quite successful fashion designer and even uses skills she learned at school working as an attorney . Because of her appearance and fashionable clothes, she is considered by many to be just a simple pretty face blogger. As a designer, in 2012 Lilly Ghalichi launched a line of racy bikinis, called Swimgerie which featured swimwear with designs inspired by lingerie, later combined with another clothing line to form Have Faith Swimgerie. Her other contribution to fashion has been her line of eyelashes, Lilly Lashes. Both of these creations were successes and increased Ghalichi‘s net worth considerably.

A significant part of Lilly‘s net worth has come from her appearances on the Bravo network TV show “The Shahs of Sunset“, which started airing 2012 and is still going. Lilly starred in the show for two seasons, starting from the second one and leaving at the end of season three. She played a real estate client of Reza Farahan,but her involvement in this show was a huge boost to Lilly‘s popularity, and contributed significantly to her net worth.

Currently, Lilly owns her own brand, Ghalichi Glam, which includes the mentioned eyelash and swimwear lines, along with the Lilly Ghalichi Collection by Avitan, a fine jewellery collection, Lilly Hair hair extensions and even Glampagne, which is – you guessed it – champagne. In 2014, she started hosting How to “Live Like a Boss“ seminars, and in 2015 an article about her work was published in Forbes magazine.

As for her personal life, Lilly married Dara Mir in May 2017, having previously been in an on-again-off-again relationship that lasted a whole decade with a lawyer, Ali, and even moved to Texas to live with him after they became engaged. Unfortunately, the relationship ended with a break up because of, as Lilly puts it, Ali‘s bad habits, which included cheating on her. She has a sister, Yassamin and brother Mohammed – a cardiologist – who appeared on The Shahs of Sunset alongside her.  She also had disagreements with her family, who were against her choice of fashion over law, but Ghalichi says that they are an inspiration to her, as they came to America with nothing but the American Dream. Lastly, Ghalichi was involved in a controversy over her joking comment that HIV and AIDS can spread through bikinis, and so had to issue an apology.

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