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April 18, 2024
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Who is Nadine Caridi?

If you ever watched the crime drama “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you would certainly have noticed the character of Naomi Lapaglia, but did you know that the movie was based Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same title, and that behind this character is a real woman with a fascinating life story, whose life has been at the same time both impressive and tragic.

Naomi was based on Nadine Caridi, a former fashion model, who after the divorce struggled to provide for her children, was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) and became one of the most prestige family therapists and relationship experts.

Early life, family, and education

Nadine was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio on 6 November 1962, in London, England, and she now holds both British and American nationality. When she was a child, her parents moved to Brooklyn, New York City USA, where she spent most of her childhood and youth.

Nadine had an interest in sports from an early age, and swimming was her favorite, however, she dreamed of becoming a fashion model, and after she graduated from John Dewey High School in 1980, she didn’t enroll in college but launched her modeling career.



Nadine began as a print model, and was known best as the ‘Miller Lite’ beer girl, but she also appeared in several ads, including for the Monday Night Football commercials from 1990. She quit modeling in 1991 when she married Jordan Belfort.

During her marriage to him, she devoted her life to raising their children, then after they divorced, she continued her education, enrolling at Pacifica Graduate Institute, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2008, and then in 2015 a Ph.D; now she works in private practice as a licensed family therapist.

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Love life and relationships

Nadine met her future husband Jordan Belfort at a party held in his house, actually attending with her then-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig, an entrepreneur and race-car driver. After the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” was released, Alan wrote on his Facebook: ‘At the end of year two, as friendly exes, I took Nadine to Jordan Belfort’s July 4th Westhampton Beach House party where the two of them met… He left his high school sweetheart wife to marry her; and the rest you can see in the movie.’

Jordan was in a marriage with his first wife, Denise Lombardo, but eventually the two divorced in 1991, he married Nadine later that year. Nadine gave birth to their first child, daughter Chandler Ann Belfort on 29 July 1994, and their son, Carter James Belfort, was born on 15 August 1996.


Nadine and Jordan enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, and Jordan called his wife ‘The Duchess’. He bought a yacht that was earlier owned by Coco Chanel, and renamed it ‘Nadine’.

Judging by the photos featuring their everyday life, traveling, and parties they had, people assumed that they were in a happy marriage, however, after Jordan was sent to prison in 2003, sentenced to four years although he served only one year and 10 months, the real story behind this marriage was revealed.

Nadine has opened up about her life with Jordan, saying that drugs were the main reason they were fighting, adding: ‘The fact that he was a drug addict… I didn’t care about the hookers or coming home late. He would be doing crack in front of our newborn baby. Any mother would divorce their husband for that.’

According to court documents, Nadine filed for divorce citing domestic abuse, and many people thought that the last drop that makes the glass overflow was a car accident that Jordan caused, smashing his Mercedes while their then-toddler daughter was in a front seat and wasn’t buckled-up properly, but luckily didn’t have any serious injuries. Some rumors were saying that Jordan once kicked Nadine down the stairs, when they lived together in his 24-bedroom mansion on Long Island, New York.

The two divorced in 2005, and although there is little info on what kind of divorce settlement Nadine received, Jordan gave a clue when he spoke to ‘Notable Life’ magazine, saying: ‘Sign a prenup. Don’t get yourself in a situation where if you get divorced you will screw yourself.’


After the divorce, Nadine moved to California with their children, and as she stated, she had no financial support from Jordan.

Where is she now?

As mentioned, Nadine works as a therapist, and is married to John Macaluso, an entrepreneur and former Chief Executive Officer of Wizard World Entertainment. John has three daughters from his previous marriage – Nadine and he don’t have any children together. Since John is 22 years older than Nadine, many people commented that this marriage wouldn’t work, however, Nadine stated that the age gap doesn’t impact their relationship at all.


They are living in their mansion at Hermosa Beach, California, and Nadine often shares their joint photos on her social media networks.

Nadine now goes by the name (Doctor) Nadine Macaluso, and she has a YouTube channel entitled ‘Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar”, launched on 17 December 2015, today followed by nearly 1,000 subscribers, and her fans can also find her on Instagram and Facebook.

On her website the intro says: ‘I went to therapy for the first time at 30 years old, following a tumultuous 7-year marriage to the infamous Wolf of Wall Street. My transformation required deep self-reflection and the courage to admit my mistakes, own them, and commit to changing.’

On her Instagram, which is followed by over 30,000 people, Nadine presents herself as an expert in ‘trauma bonds’, and one of her goals is to break the stigma of abusive relationships, as she said, most of the things she has confronted her in life, helps her to understand her patients.


Age, appearance, and net worth

Nadine’s age is 59, she has long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes; she weighs around 140lbs (64kgs) and is 5ft 8ins (1.78m) tall, with vital statistics of 36-30-37.

According to sources, as of July 2022, her net worth has been estimated at over $5 million, which she’s earned working as a therapist.

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