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April 18, 2024
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Jesse Franklin Heiman was born on May 23, 1978 in Boston, USA. As a child Jesse moved to Austin, Texas in 1989. There he attended West Ridge Middle School, and after changing location – Westlake High School. After school the future actor studied at Texas State University and in May 2000 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Then his first decision as an adult after his studies was immediately moving to live to Los Angeles. Jesse Heiman began his acting career only as a background extra and didn’t get any serious roles. He then started to play in different commercials and music videos which later were shown on TV.

Jesse Heiman Net Worth $500,000

Jesse is one of those actors whom people recognize, but cannot say where they saw him and when. Usually he was playing spectators, boys in a restaurant, class students, kids at a party or insignificant office workers. He appeared in more than 100 movies, but the first time he got a speaking role was on the TV show “Maybe It’s Me”, playing Elliot in episode 5. Later he appeared in very small roles in many different TV shows – Jesse can be noticed in “Spider-Man”, “Glee”, “Old School”, “American Pie 2”, “The Social Network”, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, and “Entourage”. Jesse Heiman’s look lead him to usually play geeks, younger kids and nerds. He first came to national attention after the 2013 “GoDaddy Super Bowl” commercial, where he kissed super model Bar Refaeli while playing “the smart side” Walter.

Although Jesse until today has never played any serious role, he is still well-known as one of the greatest “extra” actors in USA film and TV history. Jesse has proved his acting talent by playing in awkward situations and being extremely funny to audiences. Despite his roles in films usually last for only a few seconds or even less than that, Jesse has estimated net worth of $500,000 and it seems to grow even more. And if this amount may look not so enormous compared with some other Hollywood stars and their millions, Jesse has definitely¬† become one of the greatest and richest background extra actors. Despite being 36 years old already, Jesse still perfectly plays young peoples’ roles due to his youthful and cheerful appearance. Last time he appeared on TV as Ethan from “Criminal Minds” in season 9, episode 12 (“The Black Queen”).

Today Jesse resides in Redondo Beach, California, USA and continues earning money from imperceptible roles. Jesse is called one of the greatest background actors thanks to his ability to make people laugh and feel better¬† after only the three seconds that appears on screen. To some Heiman’s capital may seem too big for a side actor, but Jesse usually plays small roles in films which have great success. So there is no little wonder why this cheerful and humorous actor could become if not one if the richest actors in USA, then definitely one of the richest people in his line of work.

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