Kirk Frost Net Worth

December 30, 2023
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American reality TV personality, and the entertainment manager for his wife Rasheeda, Kirk Frost was born on 26 May 1969, in Atlanta, Georgia, and is probably best known for appearing in the television show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” since 2012. Kirk also has his own company – “D-Lo Entertainment”.

If you consider how rich Kirk Frost is, authoritative sources estimate that  Kirk’s net worth is $600,000, the main source of which is his appearances as a television personality. In addition to this, Kirk’s career as a rapper has also added to his net worth, and another source is his company and its activities. On the other hand, this sum of money does not seem very high when comparing it to others in the music industry, but there is a high chance that his net worth will become higher in the future.


Kirk Frost Net Worth $600,000

At the beginning of his career, Kirk was one of the members of the hip hop band, entitled “Da Kaperz”. Performing with this band helped Kirk to become more familiar with the music industry and gain more experience. Later Kirk decided to start his solo career and soon he released his first hit single, called “Shorty Swing My Way”. As it gained quite a lot of attention, soon Kirk’s net worth and popularity began growing. After some time more and more people started showing an interest in his music, and his songs were used in such movies as “Beauty Shop”, “The Fog”, “Paul Blart Mall Cop” and “Day of Wrath”. This not only showed that Kirk had become more acclaimed as an artist but also had a huge impact on the growth of Kirk’s net worth.

In addition, Kirk’s music has also been used in such television shows as “Lincoln Heights”, “MTV’s Cribs”, “CSI Miami” and “What Chilli Wants”, which also contributed to Frost’s net worth, and allowed many more people to hear his work.

Another activity which added a lot to his net worth was his appearance on the famous reality show, called “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”.

As mentioned, Kirk has his own company, so he is known not only as a musician himself, but also as one who manages other artists and helps them to promote their work. There is no doubt that if Frost continues working hard he will achieved much more.

If to talk about Kirk’s personal life, in 1999 he married the famous rapper, Rasheeda, and they have two children.

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