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November 22, 2023
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Keith Ian Carradine was born on the 8th August 1949 in San Mateo, California, USA and is an actor, singer and songwriter, most famous for his roles in the 1975 musical comedy/drama “Nashville”, as well as in “Deadwood” and “Dexter” TV series. Apart from acting, he is also an Academy Award and Golden Globe winning songwriter, honored for his original song “I’m Easy”, performed in “Nashville”.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this all around performer has accumulated so far? How rich Keith Carradine is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Keith Carradine’s net worth, as of late 2016, is $10 million, acquired through his acting career which has been active since 1969.

Keith Carradine Net Worth $10 million

Keith Carradine was born into a family of actors, to Sonia Sorel and John Carradine, the middle of three sons. Apart from his parents, his brother Robert as well as his half brother David are also actors, so it is no wonder that Keith followed the same path and became a successful actor himself. However, his childhood was quite rough as his parents divorced when he was six, so the majority of childhood Keith spent in foster homes and even homes for abused children. After high school, Keith enrolled at Colorado State University studying drama, but dropped out after the first semester in order to pursue his acting career. He relocated to Los Angeles, California, to his brother David who heavily influenced him and helped him to take beginner’s steps in the acting business.

Although Keith’s first acting experience dates back to his youth age when he appeared in his father’s productions of Shakespeare, his acting career did not officially begin until 1969, when he was cast in Broadway’s original run of “Hair”. He began in the chorus and acted his way to the leading roles of Claude and Woof. In 1970, he appeared alongside his father in a “Tobacco Road” stage production, and it is certain that these achievements served as the launching board for Keith Carradine’s acting career and they also provided the basis for his, nowadays rather respectable, overall net worth.

Keith Carradine’s big screen debut occurred in 1971, when he was cast for the role of Cowboy in Robert Altman‘s western “McCabe & Mrs. Miller”; subsequently he appeared in another western “A Gunfight” featuring Kirk Douglas and Johnny Cash in the leading roles. Keith’s first small screen appearance occurred in the same year, 1971, when he got the side role in one episode of “Bonanza” TV series. His talent and passion did not go unnoticed, and with his career on the rise, Keith secured more and more prominent roles, including appearances in “Kung Fu” (1972) TV series as well as in the Robert Aldrich action movie “Emperor of the North” (1973), and another Altman motion picture “Thieves Like Us” (1974). All these roles marked the beginning of a successful acting career and also helped Keith Carradine to add a sum to his overall wealth.

However, the real breakthrough in Keith Carradine’s acting career came in 1975 when he was cast in the role of Tom Frank in Altman’s musical comedy/drama “Nashville”, winning Golden Globe and Oscar Awards not for his acting, but for his singing and songwriting skills – “I’m Easy” was named the Best Original Song. On the wings of this success, Keith put some efforts towards his brief singing career, and released two studio albums, “Easy” (1976) and “Lost & Found” (1978). These ventures impacted Keith Carradine’s overall net worth in a positive manner for sure.

During his acting career which now spans over 47 years, Keith Carradine has added more than 130 acting credits to his portfolio, including stage productions, movies, TV series and even video games. Some other of Keith’s memorable and notable roles, apart from those already mentioned above, include Ridley Scott’s 1977 war drama “The Duellists”, as well as numerous TV series appearances such as “Star Trek: Enterprise”, “Spider-Man”, “Deadwood”, “Complete Savages”, “Numb3rs”, “Dexter”, “Dollhouse”, “Fargo”, “The Big Bang Theory” and most recently “Madam Secretary”. Doubtlessly, all these engagements have massively increased the total size of Keith Carradine’s overall net worth.

When it comes to his personal life, Keith Carradine was romantically involved with Shelley Plimpton, who at that time was married although separated from Steve Curry. After moving to California, Keith found out that Shelley was pregnant, but had reunited with her husband. However, in 1974 when Plimpton and Curry divorced, Keith met his extramarital daughter Martha Plimpton for the first time, now an acclaimed actress too. In 1982, Keith married Sandra Will, a fellow actor with whom he had another two children, however, after 18 years of marriage they divorced in 2000. Since 2006, Keith Carradine has been married to another actress, 25 years-younger Hayley DuMond.

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