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April 18, 2024
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Jorge M. Perez is a real estate developer and author, born on 17th October 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is now one of the more successful entrepreneurs in the US, and has developed or managed around 90,000 residences in the past four decades. Jorge is also a longtime friend of US President Donald Trump, with whom he has cooperated in building Trump-branded properties.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jorge Perez is? According to sources it has been estimated that Jorge Perez’s overall net worth is $2.8 billion, accumulated through his business career which now spans more than forty years. Since he is still an active businessman, his net worth continues to increase.

Jorge Perez Net Worth $2.8 Billion

Perez was born to Cuban parents of Spanish origin, and actually grew up in Colombia, before his family migrated to the US – Miami – in 1968. He studied at Long Island University C.W. Post Campus, graduating with a bachelor’s degree, and went on to further his knowledge at the University of Michigan, where he earned a master’s degree in urban planning. Before entering the real estate business and becoming a developer, Jorge was an economic development director in Miami. However, in 1979 he met New York developer Stephen Ross, and the two founded “The Related Companies”. The business grew as time went by, and Perez made his fortune by building and operating affordable housings during the ‘80s. Over the years, his company partnered with famous names in interior design and architecture, collaborating with people like Bernardo Fort Brescia, Philippe Starck, Piero Lissoni, Karim Rashid, David Rockwell and many others. In time, they switched to high-end condo constructions and became one of the most prolific condo builders in the Southern US, which launched Perez to the top of the Hispanic Business 500 list. Clearly his net worth was already substantial.

Apart from being a successful businessman, Jorge is also an active Democratic fund raiser, who advised Bill Clinton and raised money for the presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton.
After Barack Obama became the presidential nominee in 2008, Perez also hosted and raised money for the future president. The financial crisis of 2007-2010 didn’t hit Jorge, as he weathered it by changing the way of his business. Most of his projects were financed by equity partners, so the company took on much less debt. His net worth continued to rise.

Perez is also known as President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and business partner, the two having co-operated on three Florida projects together over the years. Jorge is actively involved in supporting the cultural life of Miami, and often sponsors programs such as Miami International Film Festival, The National Young Arts Foundation and Independent Film/Video Artists Program.

The Perez Art Museum in Miami received a $40 million donation from his company and the Jorge M.Perez Architecture Center at the University of Miami was named after him.

Privately, Jorge and his wife Darleen have four children, and reside in Miami.

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