Jeannie Mai Net Worth

April 30, 2023
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Jeannie Camtu Mai was born on the 4th January 1979 in San Jose, California USA, and is of Chinese\Vietnamese descent, as her mother is Chinese and her father Vietnamese. She is best known as a TV personality, being a host of the Style Network series “How Do I Look?”. Her career also includes involvement in the fashion industry, and Jeannie has also been recognized as an expert make-up artist. Her career has been active since 1997.

Have you ever wondered how rich Jeannie Mai is? According to sources, it is estimated that Jeannie Mai`s net worth is $1 million, an amount earned through her career on TV. Her recent involvement includes co-hosting the talk show entitled “The Real”, which started in July 2013, together with, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry, Tamar Braxton.

Jeannie Mai Net Worth $1 Million

Jeannie earned her diploma from the Milpitas High School, following which she enrolled in “De Anza College”, and graduated with a degree majoring in Communications. Her career as a make-up artist began when she was 18, when she started working for MAC Cosmetics. In a short time she earned a name for herself, and it was not before long she started touring the world, working as a make-up artist for celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Rosario Dawson and Alicia Keys. Her fame started to gain momentum, and also her net worth.

Her television career began in 2003, when Jeannie tried out for several TV shows, and finally earned a role as a co-host of the Asian-American magazine-style show entitled “Stir”, which was nominated for the EMMY award during its history. Because of her skills, she was soon called up by the “California Music Channel” to host the music show which was later regarded as her own. Soon her career expended to Warner Bros Television, where she became a producer and reporter of the WB`s “Daily Mixx”. This program propelled her sky high, and before long she earned her first prime-time appearance in 2005 as a host of “Character Fantasy”, aired on the USA Network.

Following this breakthrough of her career, Jeannie became more and more popular. Her net worth benefited a lot from subsequent events. In 2008, Jeannie was a judge on a reality TV show “Miss America: Reality Check”. In 2009 she became a host of the Style Network series “How Do I Look? “. In addition, as of 2011 she is a host of the Miss Universe contest.

Concurrently, from 2004 to 2009 Jeannie was a celebrity makeup artist on the TV series “10 Years Younger”, which also added to her net worth and fame.

Overall, Jeannie is very successful. She has come a long way since she began working for MAC Cosmetics, to being a co-host of the talk show “The Real” with several other TV personalities. The world is yet to hear more about Jeannie Mai.

Regarding her personal life and other interests, Jeanne Mai has been recognized as a humanitarian. Because of her Vietnamese\Chinese descent, she has been involved in humanitarian acts, benefiting the Asia in the whole. She works with the organization “Heartbeat Vietnam”, which strives to improve health care for poverty-stricken children. In addition, she is involved in another organization “NightLight International”, which is committed to rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and prostitution rings, by finding and securing jobs and education for them.

Jeannie has also been known to empower women with great comments about their looks, while being a judge on the reality TV show “Miss America: Reality Check”, which earned her the title of the “Wearapist”.

Privately, since the 11th August 2001 Jeannie has been married to Freddy Harteis, a host of “The Hollywood Hunter”.

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