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January 25, 2023
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Jason Emanuel Gould is a New York City-born American actor, filmmaker, singer as well as a writer. Born on 29th December, 1966, Jason is the son of multiple-times Grammy winning singer and actress Barbra Streisand and actor Elliot Gould. Jason is perhaps better known for writing, directing, producing and acting in the compilation film “Boys Life 3”. A noted personality in Hollywood, he has been active in his filmmaking profession since 1992.

One of the famous personalities in Hollywood who was born with a silver spoon, one may wonder how rich is Jason Gould at the present? As estimated by the sources, Jason Gould counts his net worth at an amount of $15 million as of late 2016. He has managed to amass his wealth being one of the talented producer, director, filmmaker as well as an actor in Hollywood.

Jason Gould Net Worth $15 million

Raised Jewish by superstars Barbara and Elliot Gould, in Hollywood, California, Jason was familiar with the theatre, art and film industry from his childhood. He started his career in the field of entertainment with a role in the 1989 movie “Say Anything…” although he had already appeared in the movie “Up The Sandbox” in 1972 in an uncredited role. In the movie “Say Anything…” he shared his screen with actors John Cusack and Ione Skye among other popular names. Later, Jason was noted for appearing in the 1991 movie “The Prince of Tide” which was directed and also starred by his mother Barbra Streisand. This movie became a commercial hit and was also nominated for an Academy Award which helped Jason find more popularity in Hollywood. Eventually, Jason started producing and directing movies. His most noted movie is perhaps the short comedy movie “Inside Out” which he directed, produced and also starred in along with his father Elliot Gould, and step-brother Samuel Gould. This was the time of his career when Jason really started adding to his net worth.

Apart from being prominent as a filmmaker in Hollywood, Jason is also well known for his singing skills. In 2012, he released an EP entitled “Jason”, and a year later he released his second EP “Morning Prayer/Groove”. He has also performed in many of the musical tours of his mother, Barbra Streisand such as her North American Tour in 2012 and European Tour in 2013. His activeness in the field of music has not only been helping Jason get a hold of his deserved popularity as a singer but has also helped him add into his present net worth.

As for his personal life, Jason is homosexual and leads a single life. He came out to his mother at the age of 21 in 1988, which was frowned upon at the time. However, his mother was very accepting about it and advocated for his rights.

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