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April 12, 2023
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Born Ione Skye Leitch on the 4th September 1970 in Hampstead, London, England, she is an actress, probably still best known to the world as Diane Court in the romantic drama film “Say Anything…” (1989), and as Elyse in the comedy film “Wayne’s World” (1992), among many other differing appearances.

Have you ever wondered how rich Ione Skye is, as of mid- 2017? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Skye’s net worth is as high as $2 million, an amount earned through her successful career as an actress, which has been active since the mid- ‘80s.

Ione Skye Net Worth $2 Million

Ione is the younger child born to singer Donovan and his first wife, model Enid Karl. Her brother is Donovan Leitch, who is a singer and actor. Ione is of mixed ancestry, since her father is Scottish, while her mother was Jewish. She went to Immaculate Heart High School and Hollywood High School for the Performing Arts, from which she matriculated in 1987.

Even before her education was over, Ione had set in motion her acting career by appearing as Clarissa in the crime-drama film “River’s Edge” (1986), starring Crispin Glover and Keanu Reeves, while the following year she portrayed Pauline Bonaparte in the TV Mini-Series “Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story”. She made a breakthrough with the role of Diane Court in the “Say Anything…”, appearing next to John Cusack, and John Mahoney, and continued with a role in the drama “Mindwalk” (1990), while in 1991 she played Elaine in the comedy “Samantha”, firmly establishing his net worth.

Ione enjoyed success throughout the ‘90s, with roles in such productions as “Four Rooms” (1995), “Dream for an Insomniac” (1996), in which she stared next to Jennifer Aniston and Mackenzie Astin, and also had a role in the comedy “The Size of Watermelons”, next to Paul Rudd and Donal Logue. She finished the decade with the lead role in the adventure drama “The Sands of Time”, with Peter Weller and Ben Cross.

Then several of her career choices badly affected her career, and she couldn’t land a notable role until the mid- ‘2000s, when she was cast in the romantic drama “Fever Pitch”, with Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon and Jason Spevack in the lead roles, and then in 2006 she starred in the thriller “12 Hours to Live”. She continued with B production films though, and in 2009 starred in the drama “A Secret Promise”. Four years later, Ione portrayed Virginia Rappe, a model and silent film actress in the drama “Return to Babylon”, directed by Alex Monty Canawati, after which Ione’s career continued with decline, hitting a new low with the role in the made-for-television comedy film “The King of 7B” in 2015, and “The Homeless Billionaire”, another comedy that wasn’t quite well received by the public. She had a minor role in the adventure comedy-drama “Dear Eleanor” in 2016, that starred Liana Liberato, Isabelle Fuhrman and Josh Lucas, and she also made an appearance in the film “XOXO” the same year. At the moment, Iona works on “Holy New York” and “Hearthrob”, both scheduled for release later in 2017.

Regarding her personal life, she has been married to musician Ben Lee since 2008, with whom she has one child. Previously, she was the wife of Adam Horovitz, guitarist of the hip hop group Beastie Boys from 1991 to 1999, although the couple split in 1995. Apart from her marriages, Iona was in a relationship with famous musician Anthony Kiedis; the couple dated for several years during the ‘80s. Also, she was engaged to David Netto, a furniture designer, however, they broke off but not before the two got a daughter together, born in 2001.

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