J Prince Net Worth

July 19, 2023
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J Prince is a very well-known CEO, as well as a businessman who rose to fame partly for his philanthropic contributions and his work in the record label business.

As of 2014 his net worth is estimated to be about $45 million. The famous businessman earned his millions by being the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records and distributing records.

J Prince Net Worth $45 Million

Interestingly enough, J Prince’s son also has his own label – Southern Empire Entertainment. Both J Prince’s and his son, Jay Prince’s record companies are based in Houston. Originally the Rap-a-Lot label was created as a sub-label for Smoke-a-Lot Records in 1986. J Prince’s label mainly focuses on the gangsta rap scene as well as on southern rap and some of hip hop acts. Since the rap and hip hop scene is so popular in the United States it becomes very obvious how such a businessman as J Prince obtained such wealth. Prince’s music label is based in the city of Houston.

The artist himself, whose real name is James Prince although he is often referred to as J Prince, has spent more than two decades promoting city’s rap scene as well as working with youth coming from less fortunate households in order to build a community that helps young people and adults. He also built a community center in 5th Ward neighborhood where he actually grew up. Because of his philanthropic work, the famous businessman has a day named in his honor. He also started a campaign back in 2007 that aims to educate young people about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and in particular the prevention of such diseases as HIV and AIDS. The launch of this campaign was very successful. That is one of the main reasons why he was honored by the Mayor of Houston, Bill White.

Speaking about J Prince’s career in music and as a producer, one of his famous acts is the Geto Boys who are famous for their live performances. They are classified as southern hip hop, on which J Prince’s label focuses for the main part. Also, J Prince was honored with a prestigious Hip Hop Honors Award at VH1 Awards that are held annually on the 7th of July. It’s not that hard to realize that Prince’s success can be partly attributed to the fact that before he formed his own rap label artist were mostly represented by such labels as EMI, Priority Records, Virgin Records, WEA’s Asylum Records. His label is so popular that even Snoop Dogg mentions it during Notorious B.I.G.’s song which he was featured in. Devin the Dude also mentioned Prince’s label in one of his songs. J Prince’s son Jay Prince discovered and helped to rise to fame such acts as Drake, as well as Young Money Records that are associated with Cash Money Records and Universal Records.

One doesn’t have to wonder why and how J Prince (as well as his son) obtained such great wealth and such a profitable career as a businessman in the music and recording industry.

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