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March 22, 2024
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Who is MrBallen?

American YouTuber, social media star and former Navy SEAL MrBallen, was born Jonathan B. Allen in Quincy, Massachusetts USA, on 1 October 1988, making his zodiac sign Libra. He’s perhaps best known for his main YouTube channel “MrBallen”, which he launched on 22 March 2015, and which today numbers nearly seven million subscribers, and over 1.3 billion views of all his videos combined. MrBallen’s mostly focused on telling dark and mysterious stories in his videos, while he also often covers crime stories.

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Education and early life

MrBallen and his two sisters were raised in Quincy by their parents Scott Allen and Jessie Thuma, however, he hasn’t shared a lot about his family, as they prefer to maintain their privacy.

MrBallen had a rather normal childhood, and was mostly interested in sports while attending a local high school in Quincy; he was on his school’s football team, and also often played baseball and basketball with his peers.

Upon matriculating in 2006, MrBallen enrolled at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and it’s widely believed that he was accepted because his professional freelance writer mother had written his essays; MrBallen quit college after only a single semester, and then enrolled at another in Boston, Massachusetts from which he graduated in 2010.


He then joined the Navy Seals, and was injured in 2014 after a grenade detonated in his vicinity, with shrapnel hitting his legs and hips; MrBallen continued serving for three more years, prior to medically retiring in 2017.

His experience has helped him launch two non-profit organizations, one of which helps former operatives, and the other which helps people find jobs.

Most popular YouTube videos

MrBallen’s mostly popular on YouTube for his ‘mature audiences only’ videos, in which he’s covering various horrible crime stories; he initially uploaded only videos which featured himself telling his own stories from his days as a Navy SEAL, however, after running out of stories to tell, he turned to true crime events. We’ll be mentioning MrBallen’s three most watched YouTube videos, which’ve helped him become even more popular on the internet.

His #1 video “This man terrified the FBI (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)” has been watched over 16 million times since 8 April 2021, and follows him talking about the disappearance of American girl Samantha Koenig in 2012.

His #2 video “This child star is EVIL (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)” has been watched nearly 13 million times since 16 November 2021, and features MrBallen telling the story of Thomas and Jackie Hawks who were killed in 2004, and whose bodies haven’t been found.

MrBallen’s #3 video “This frat boy did the unthinkable (*MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY*)” has been watched nearly 12 million times since 11 September 2021, and follows him talking about American teenager Austin Harrouff who killed Joseph John Stevens III and his girlfriend Michelle Mishcon Stevens, and then ate Joseph’s face.


His other YouTube channels

MrBallen’s second YouTube channel, “MrBallen Shorts”, was launched on 10 January 2021, and is today subscribed to by over 2.2 million people, and numbers more than 750 million views of all its videos combined; MrBallen uploads similar content onto this channel as onto his main, with the main difference being that these videos are usually no longer than five minutes.

His third YouTube channel “MrBallen en Español” was launched on 8 February 2022, and it today numbers over 15,000 people subscribed to it, with close to 300,000 views of all its videos combined; this is the Spanish version of MrBallen’s main YouTube channel.

His fourth channel “MrBallen Podcast” was launched on 28 July 2022, now subscribed to by nearly 250,000 people, and numbers close to 100,000 views of only a single video that’s been uploaded onto the channel.

Presence on social media networks

MrBallen’s followed by over 400,000 people on Instagram, and he’s posted close to 100 pictures and videos onto the social media network, most serving to promote his YouTube content.

He launched his Twitter account in December 2017, and there are today close to 60,000 people following him, while he’s tweeted over 2,600 times, mostly writing crime stories.

There are over 2.5 million people following MrBallen on Facebook, and he tends to update his account at least once a day.

He’s also active on TikTok, with his account numbering over eight million followers, and close to 200 million likes of all his videos combined; he uploads similar content onto TikTok as onto his main YouTube channel.


Love life and girlfriend

MrBallen prefers to keep the details of his love life to himself, and has shared only a little about it with his fans. It’s known that he met his future wife Amanda while they were both attending college in Boston, but neither has shared the exact date of their wedding; most of MrBallen’s fans believe that the two exchanged vows sometime in 2013. They have two daughters and a son, but the children’s names and birthdates haven’t been disclosed, because both MrBallen and Amanda prefer to keep them away from media, wanting them to be able to lead normal lives.

MrBallen hasn’t mentioned other women whom he’s been with; he’s married to Amanda as of November 2022, and they have three children together.


Interesting facts and hobbies

MrBallen’s revealed that it takes him 20 hours to research and prepare for a single YouTube video, and that it takes his editors close to 10 hours to ‘fix’ it; he’s also revealed that he always tells his wife the story first, and that she has to give the green light or he won’t make the video.

His mother’s written most of the scripts for his podcast.

MrBallen was once an avid player of the video game “Skater”, and ranked amongst the best 30 in the world during his college years.

He loves to watch Major League Baseball (MLB), and cheers for the New York Yankees.

MrBallen’s physically quite active, and can occasionally be seen working out at a gym in Quincy.

His favorite actors are the late Paul Walker, and Johnny Depp, and some of his favorite movies include “Fast & Furious 6”, “Brick Mansions” and “Hours”.

Height, eyes and wealth

MrBallen’s age is 34. He has green eyes and long brown hair, which he rarely shows as he always wears a cap; he weighs around 175lbs (80kgs) and is 6ft (1.82m) tall.

MrBallen’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1.5 million, as of November 2022.

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