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April 25, 2023
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Torhi Harper, a well-known American musician, rapper and entrepreneur, better known by his stage name of Murphy Lee, was born on 18 December 1978, in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States. He is an African American by origin, recognized by being a member of the hip hop group, St. Lunatics. Lee is also the chief executive of his own label “U C Me Entertainment”.

‘A famous musician, rapper and entrepreneur, how rich is Murphy Lee? Sources estimate that Murphy Lee’s net worth is over $7.5 million as of early 2016, most of it undoubtedly built-up during his music career.

Murphy Lee Net Worth $7.5 Million

Murphy Lee was brought up in St. Louis. After matriculating from University City High School in University City, MO in 2000, he then played the lead in Nelly’s” Country Grammar”, before the “St. Lunatics” launched their debut album titled “Free City “in 2001, which hip hop group he had joined in June 2001 as the youngest member with fellow rappers Nelly, Kyjuan, Ali and City Spud. The “St. Lunatics” troops achieved a regional hit with the song “Gimmie What You Got” but regrettably the crew failed to get a record deal for it.

In 2002, Lee got a nice breakthrough when he performed in the hit singles “Welcome to Atlanta” remix and “Air Force Ones” which rested at the top of the list in US Rep. Murphy’s profile got another boost in June 2003, when he took part in “Shake Ya Tail feather” with Nelly and P. Diddy. This soundtrack from the “Bad Boys II” brought him the Grammy Award in 2004 for the best rap performance.

In 2003, Murphy’s only solo album “Murphy’s Law” was registered platinum and achieved number eight on the Billboard 200 Chart. His biggest solo was “Wat Da Hook Gon Be” attributed to Jermaine and got to number six on the Billboard Hot Rap Charts.

The second album of the “St. Lunatics” “Who’s The Boss” was released in 2006 but not propped up by the group members as the music recording studio “Fast Life” instigated the CD as they were the owners of the music. From 2006 to 2009, Lee liberated more material that is only available on his website “”. In 2009, he started to instigate his album with “UC ME entertainment” label.

In his personal life, Murphy Lee’s marital status is single. He promotes some international garment brands including NFL Cap, Nike Auto Force 180 USA, and NY Yankees Cap.

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