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March 7, 2023
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Darrell Walls was born on 1 October 1985 in Prince Georges County, Maryland US, but is best known as a transgender American model, Isis King, an actress and reality TV star who has appeared in ‘’America’s Next Top Model’’ and ‘’Shameless’’.

So just how rich is Isis King as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this American model and actress has net worth of over $1 million, accumulated largely from her over eight years-long career in the previously mentioned fields.

Isis King Net Worth $1 million

When it comes to King’s education, she attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, graduating with a degree in design and illustration, and then moved to New York to proceed with her gender transition. However, as she wasn’t making enough money at that time and was harshly criticized by her family, she had to move into the Ali Forney Center for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Meantime, Isis made her first appearance on television in 2007, in MSNBC’s series ‘’ Born in the Wrong Body’’, which featured people who, similarly to her, were transgender. King eventually began her hormone therapy in that year, and went on to have sex reassignment surgery in 2009. In the following period, she was working as a runway model in a seven years- long career in that field, prior to joining ‘’America’s Next Top Model’’. At the time when she heard about ANTM’s photo shoot with real homeless women, King was still living in the Ali Forney Transitional Living Program, and asked if she could be accepted as a female model born in the wrong body. She was supported by Tyra Banks and other judges of the show, and went on to compete in the 11th cycle of the series, ending up in the tenth place. She competed again in the 17th season of the show in 2011, making her first appearance in the episode ‘’Nicki Minaj’’ and last in ‘’Highlights’’.

Being exposed to media this way, Isis gained more recognition and fame.

When it comes to her career as an actress, she made her television debut in 2010 as Cassandra in ‘’Bella Maddo’’. As of 2015, she was cast as Sonja in “The Bold and the Beautiful”, an award-winning romantic drama television series. However, the highlight of Isis’ acting career is perhaps her role of Gia in the critically acclaimed television series “Shameless”, focused on the life of a troubled family. When it comes to King’s future projects, her movie ‘’My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding’’ is in pre-production; Isis will play the prominent role of Denni.

Isis has also appeared in prominent magazines such as US Weekly, Seventeen and Out, and was also on the cover of Swerv magazine in 2010. As of today, she has a contract with AEFH Talent and also with PRESTIGE Talent; all her activities have added to her net worth.

In her private life, Isis has been identifying as a female for a long time; she came out as gay during high school, only to realize that it was the wrong label for her. She also likes to refer to herself as ‘’ born in the wrong body’’ instead of using terms transgender and transsexual. She doesn’t share information about her love life and any previous relationships. She is active on social media websites such as Instagram and Twitter and is followed by 90,000 on the former.

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