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April 18, 2024
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Irving Azoff was born on the 12th December 1947, in Chicago, Illinois USA, and is an entrepreneur and music business personal manager, widely known for his collaboration with music industry’s big names such as Christina Aguilera, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Alex, Eddie and Wolfghang Van Halen, Jon Bon Jovi, Journey, The Eagles and numerous others.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this entertainment executive has accumulated so far? How rich Irving Azoff is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Irving Azoff’s net worth, as of early 2016, is $100 million including assets – houses in Malibu and La Quinta in California, in Snowmass, Colorado, apart from his primary residence in Beverly Hills, the $16 million Holmby Hills estate. It has been acquired through his illustrious career in the music industry.

Irving Azoff Net Worth $100 Million

Irving Azoff was raised in Danville, Illinois in a Jewish family. His interest in “music management” appeared while he was a student at Danville High School, when he began promoting school bands and booking their performances, and continued when he enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Irving’s career really began in 1970, when he moved to Los Angeles, California, with Dan Fogelberg as his first client. Afterwards, at Geffen-Roberts Management, he started working with The Eagles and that subsequently became a lifetime relationship. These arrangements provided the basis for Irving Azoff’s later impressive net worth.

Irving progressed rapidly and in the mid-’70s, he founded Front Line Management that quickly became the most powerful firm in the history of rock music, with names like Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Nicks, Jackson Browne, Hearth and The Eagles in its portfolio. For being a tyrant in relations with record companies, Irving Azoff got the nickname “Poison Dwarf” – related to his 5′ 3″ height as well as his behavior. Undoubtedly, these ventures added a lot to Irving Azoff’s overall net worth.

Irving Azoff rise to the top happened when he became the chairman of MCA Records in 1983, and within just one year rescued the company from imminent bankruptcy, transforming it into a moneymaker. During his six years in this position, MCA Records gathered millions including, among others, Motown distribution rights, and also signed the multi-platinum teen star – Tiffany, increasing the company’s as well as Irving’s personal wealth.

He resigned from MCA in 1989 to start his own label – Giant Records. The enterprise came to an early success with Color Me Badd studio albums, and the soundtrack for the 1991 movie “New Jack City”. Giant Records recording artists list includes names such as Deep Purple, Morbid Angel, MC Hammer, Brian Wilson, Kenny Rogers, House of Freaks and The Eagles (1994 band reunion). Founding a label of this caliber has certainly helped Irving Azoff to earn millions and add a huge sum to his overall net worth.

During his career, now spanning over 45 years, Irving Azoff has worked as an agent, concert promoter, personal manager, music publisher and CEO of various record companies. He has even co-produced several movies including “Jack Frost” (1998) with Michael Keaton and “The Hurricane” in 1999 with Denzel Washington in the main role. Prior to becoming the CEO of Azoff MSG Entertainment in 2013, Irving was also the CEO of Ticketmaster Entertainment and the executive chairman of Live Nation Entertainment. All these engagements have constantly added to Irving Azoff’s net worth.

Billboard Magazine’s Power 100 in 2012 named Irving Azoff the most powerful person in the music industry. He has also been named “Manager of the Year” by several industry trade publications.

When it comes to his personal life, Irving Azoff and his wife Shelli currently reside in Beverly Hills.

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