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Lorin Ashton was born on 16th February 1978 in Santa Cruz, California, USA and under his professional name of Bassnectar, is known as a DJ, live act and music producer, particularly for a number of albums, including his three latest ones which topped the Billboard Dance: “Noise vs. Beauty”, “Into the Sun” and “Unlimited”. Bassnectar has been active in the entertainment industry since 1996.

How much is the net worth of Bassnectar? It has been reported by authoritative sources that the overall size of his wealth is as much as $20 million, as of the data presented in early 2018. It has been estimated that his salary is $2.5 million per year, with music the main source of Bassnectar’s fortune.

Bassnectar Net Worth $20 million

To begin with, Ashton grew up in California in the San Francisco Bay Area. Already at the age of 17, he began attending rave parties, where he developed a passion for electronic music, and shortly thereafter began to produce music.

Concerning his professional career, he was a short-term bassist for the death metal band Exhumed in the middle of 1990s. After appearing as DJ Lorin, at the beginning of 2002 he changed his name to Bassnectar. His music style is not purely electronic, but it is a mixture of many styles of music, such as metal or punk. He is characterized by changing tempo and the integration of different genres in his live performances, and regularly hosts events called Bass Centres, boosting his net worth.

Talking about his discography, among others he has released 10 studio albums, nine EPs and 27 singles. His first four studio albums failed to enter the charts, then in 2009 he released the album “Cozza Frenzy”, which peaked in 24th position on the Billboard Dance chart. Then “Divergent Spectrum” (2011) and “Vava Voom” (2012) took 2nd position on the same chart, and his latest three albums topped the Billboard Dance. Regarding the EPs, the most successful were “Wildstyle” (2010) and “Freestyle” (2013) both climbing to 3rd position on Billboard Dance. Talking about the singles, several of them have managed to enter the charts, including “Bass Head” (2010) featuring Nelly Furtado, “The Matrix” (2011), “Vava Voom” (2012) with Lupe Fiasco, and “Freestyle” (2012). Other singles that entered Billboard Dance chart have been “Into The Sun” (2015) “Speakerbox” (2016) which reached 12th position, as well as “Reaching Out” (2016).

Furthermore, Bassnectar is active on social media. His channel on YouTube launched in 2009 has over 280,000 subscribers and over 132 million views. The most popular videos are “Bass Head” which has accumulated over 23 million views, “Timestretch” gathering more than 9.6 million, and “Magical World featuring Nelly Furtado” garnering 8.2 million views. He is also active on social networking sites including Facebook with over 1.4 million ‘likes’, 305,000 followers on Twitter, and 420,000 on Instagram.

To conclude, all the above mentioned engagements have increased the net worth of Bassnectar.

Finally, in the personal life of Bassnectar, he is single; he doesn’t reveal much about his private life, and perhaps surprisingly there aren’t any rumours of romance.

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Lorin Ashton 's Salary as of 2024
$2.5 million

Lorin Ashton 's Net Worth as of 2024
$20 million