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April 18, 2024
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Phil Swift is an established American businessman, who is the spokesman and the co-owner of the family-owned Swift Response LLC company, that deals with waterproof bonding products such as Flex Min, Flex Glue, Flex Seal, Flex Shot, and several others.

Age, Early Life, and Education Background

Born under the Pisces zodiac sign on 3 March 1961, in the USA, Phillip Swift is 60 years old as of 2021. He was raised together with Alan Swift by their mother, who was a secretary and their father who worked as a lawyer; their names aren’t available.

While attending his elementary school, Phil wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and pursue law. However, his interests changed when he went to high school; he became very physically active, and joined the tennis and soccer clubs.

The entrepreneur has always believed in the importance of pursuing one’s dream and stated during an interview that ‘When you find something in life that keeps your interest, see where it leads…’ Phil later matriculated to the University of Houston in 1979 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree four years later. His brother, Alan, attended the same university and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. The two brothers are currently working together as the founders of Flex Seal. However, unlike his brother, Alan has stayed out of the limelight and hasn’t featured in any commercials.


Facts, Interests, and Hobbies

Phil has a humorous character and is often described by his close friends as very comical; he spends most of his free time watching comedy films, and his favorite entertainers are Julia Roberts and Chris Rocks; his most-liked productions are “Bruce Almighty” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” The American businessman revealed during an interview that in the past he looked to pursue a career in comedy. He enjoys making people laugh and treasures appearing on TV.

He finds driving along open roads therapeutically calming, and is a huge fan of traveling – he once stated that unless he is having an emergency, he prefers driving to his destination rather than flying.

He is an animal lover who has kept several pets in the past.

Swift has toured many European destinations such as Italy, England and France, both for work and fun; he likes trying the wide variety of cuisines while he is on vacations and tours, and particularly loves spicy Hungarian soup and Italian pizza.


Career Beginnings

Swift started his professional career in the ’80s after his graduation, venturing into direct sales and marketing. Later, he partnered with his brother to create Swift Response LLC, which markets and sells high-performance goods by means of catalogue distribution, telemarketing, television infomercials, and internet advertising. He works as the firm’s spokesman, and over the years has made various performances such as using Flex Tape to attach bricks and showcasing its weight lifting potential, riding a boat on water after sawing it in half and fixing it with Flex Tape, and many more.


YouTuber JonTron’s Contribution and Rise to Fame

Swift Response LLC became popular in 2011, following the commercialization of their heavy-duty Flex Seal adhesives, which subsequently led to the film being accredited by “Consumer Reports” a year later. Phil has had massive public exposure, and gained huge popularity due to his likeable nature, which makes him more suitable for brand marketing compared to Alan Swift.

To confirm the effectiveness of Phil’s Flex Seal products, Phil’s company started sponsoring JD Motorsports (NASCAR Xfinity Series team) in 2013; a car driven by Garrett Smithley had a minor accident in early 2017, after which the mechanics used Flex Tape to repair the damaged parts – the car crossed the finishing line successfully, and was ranked at position eight.

In September 2017, famous YouTuber JonTron – real name Jon Jefari – posted a comedic video “Waterproofing My Life With Flex Tape” on his channel, and it soon went viral and became one of his most watched videos.

Phil Swift

Jon received numerous requests to release the video’s second part – in 2018, he made another video opposite Phil Swift, which was entitled “Flex Tape II: The Flexing. ” Throughout that year, many memes about Phil and Flex Tape circulated on the internet, and led to the development of several funny myths about the marketer’s miraculous achievements.

Funny Myths about Phil’s ‘Miraculous’ Achievements

According to stories, Phil was born in the Andromeda galaxy’s dying star when the Milky Way was being created; that is how he got platinum muscles. Other stories tell of how he dropped to planet earth in 1945, landing in Hiroshima, Japan, instantly destroying the whole city – myths have it that he fought in the Vietnam war, and bare-handedly massacred 100,000 men, and that he used Flex Tape as a bandage to fix his friend, earning himself a medal of honour.


Another hilarious story states that Swift is a god from the Milky Way, adding that he used to be Phil Christ – and that he was murdered by Flex Glue, which strongly held his body, which had nails attached to it. Myths have it that Flex Tape is made using children’s tears, an avocado, and Canadian tongue, whatever that is!

Swift has a widely-followed YouTube channel, which he uses to market his products

Personal Life

Phil Swift dated his college girlfriend Edna Swift for a couple of years before marrying her. They have welcomed three children together; second born, son Nic Swift, is currently a Los Angeles-based music composer, and their two daughters are Ramona and Medil Swift.

The couple is currently residing in Weston, Florida; their two elder children are grown-ups who are already married, and are no longer living with them.

Rumors have it that in the early 2000s, Swift cheated on his wife and upon her realization, she filed for a divorce. They spent close to two years trying to reconcile, and his wife eventually cancelled her divorce request.

Height, Weight, and Vital Statistics

Swift hits the gym regularly and appears physically fit; he’s 5ft 7ins (1.66m) tall and weighs approximately 176lbs (80kg) with vital statistics of around 44-32-38. He wears shoes size 10.5 (US). Swift Response LLC co-owner is of mixed ethnicity, and has a pair of brown eyes and short dark brown hair.


Net Worth

Phil is a skilled CEO with years of experience, and has accumulated his net worth mostly through his successful career as a Flex Seal co-founder and manager of Swift Response LLC. He uses his website to sell his merchandise, which includes hats and t-shirts, which come with random Phil-ridiculed catch-phrases such as ‘I sawed this boat in half,’ ‘That’s a lotta damage,’ and several others. In 2020, entrepreneur Phil purchased a luxurious ocean-front mansion located in Gulf Stream, valued at $20 million. As of 2021, he is worth approximately $40 million as per authoritative sources.

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