Where did Michael Ilesanmi disappear to after moving to the US?

June 11, 2024
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It’s not rare to see couples from the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise going through unfortunate incidents which make their relationships crumble. Michael Ilesanmi is no exception to that rule, as his marriage to Angela Deem has been turning heads since their debut in the spin-off “Before the 90 Days” in 2018.

Despite the passage of time, the couple hasn’t lost their relevance given the many issues which have put their happily-ever-after on hold for quite a long time. The most recent happening is Michael’s disappearance in the US a couple of months after reuniting with Angela.

So what happened to Michael? Where did he disappear to, and what is he doing now? What’s going on with his relationship with Angela, and how long will it take for them to be together finally? Keep watching to find out!


When Did He Disappear?

The circumstances leading to Michael Ilesanmi’s disappearance in the US are somewhat confusing and strange. In December 2023, fans of “90 Day Fiancé” spotted Michael hanging out at a food store in Georgia, alongside Angela.

According to online reports, at the time the couple looked blissful and didn’t even mind having their photos taken with fans, to the point Angela happily told one of them that Michael was staying ‘for good’ in America. In January 2024, the couple was spotted at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), but there were no signs of Michael’s return to his native Nigeria.

Nonetheless, things took a sudden and worrying turn in late February, when Angela took to TikTok to inform her followers that Michael had disappeared on the 23 of that month, leaving all his belongings behind. After that, it didn’t take long for the police to locate Michael safe and sound, but yet Angela wasn’t informed of his whereabouts, as he didn’t want to be contacted by her, as she revealed on YouTube – as reported at the time, Michael told authorities that he’d run away because he ‘feared for his life’.

Why Did Michael Leave Home?

While Michael was reported safe by the authorities, details behind his decision to leave Angela’s house in the first place are unknown.

Not long after he made headlines for going missing, Michael took to Instagram to post a notes app screenshot affirming he was ‘ok, for now’ and that he would explain the situation later on. In the caption, Michael shed some light about his life before leaving home, affirming the doors and windows were ‘locked’ and that ‘no one should be treated like this’.


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Not only did Michael’s post hint that he was experiencing a complex situation while living with Angela, but also left many open questions about his whereabouts. On her part, Angela also posted some confusing messages about her ‘broken trust’ and ‘lies’, which were most likely linked to her situation with Michael.

With that being said, Page Six reported that before Michael’s disappearance, he had been traveling with Angela for around seven weeks to a variety of cities in the US, including New York and Los Angeles. The latter seems to be the same occasion they were caught by fans at LAX.

All in all, Michael and Angela’s relationship seems to be hitting a new low with these recent developments.

Are Michael and Angela Married?

Loyal fans of “Before The 90 Days” remember all the issues that Michael and Angela went through to be together, including sorting out the long-distance and large age gap between them, and the fact that in 2019 Michael was found ineligible for a non-immigrant fiancé visa, also known as the K-1 visa.

Though Angela had promised to end it all if Michael couldn’t obtain his visa, the couple eventually decided to stick together while finding a solution to their dilemma. Soon enough, Angela visited Michael in Nigeria, where they agreed to marry and file for a Spousal Visa, contributing a step forward to their happily ever after.

It didn’t take long for Angela and Michael to say their long-awaited ‘I do’s’ in a private ceremony in Nigeria, in January 2020, though fans only knew about it when pics of the ceremony were shockingly discovered in a now-deleted Instagram account. In the end, the ceremony was featured in season five of the 90-Day spin-off “Happily Ever After?”, aired in September of that year.

What Happened To His Visa?

Despite the many efforts of Michael and Angela, his Visa process was not only long but also highly frustrating. In March 2020 Angela reportedly filed for Michael’s Spousal Visa, in the hopes that it would allow him to move to the US with her in less than a year.


It wasn’t that simple for the couple, though. As Angela later revealed in early 2021, the contingency related to the COVID-19 pandemic delayed Michael’s Visa process, keeping them apart for several months, as they also dealt with cheating allegations, distrust, and other unfortunate incidents in their relationship.

However, the delay in Michael’s Visa application could have been caused by more than just the Coronavirus. As reported by ScreenRant, it’s been widely assumed by “90 Day Fiancé” fans that the Visa was denied because US officials doubted the credibility of the case, considering the age gap between the couple, and the fact that Michael is Nigerian, given that the country is often associated with scamming schemes.

These theories didn’t come out of nowhere, as Angela herself claimed in “Happily Ever After?” that her marriage to Michael wasn’t ‘legit’ in the US, following a confrontation she had with his aunt. Nonetheless, Michael’s eventual stay in the US in late 2023 confirmed that he had finally received his Visa.

Did Angela and Michael Break Up?

Ever since they got together in 2018, Michael and Angela have had a long, tough time as a couple, dealing with issues which went beyond the controversial 22-year gap between them.

As seen in an episode from September 2022, Angela suspected that Michael had been scamming her all along after often asking for money, and trying to become a social media influencer, despite her warnings about him having an online presence. As a response to this, Angela traveled to Nigeria and damaged his car.

Another one of their lowest points was when they broke up in late 2022, after Angela found out that he’d been cheating on her with a mysterious woman. Their split was first reported by InTouchWeekly in January 2023, not long after his infidelity was revealed in a “Happily Ever After?” episode.

Later on, Angela forgave Michael and they seemingly left those issues in the past when he went to live with her in the US, though that proved to be hopeless when he left her house in early 2024.

All in all, Michael and Angela’s relationship has been far from easy, leading everyone to wonder whether they’d ever find middle ground, or separate for good.

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