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February 28, 2024
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Born on 27 September 1976 in Rome to Lorenzo and Fiorella, Francesco Totti is a former professional football player for Roma and the Italian National Team, and Roma’s club director as of mid-2017, plus a spokesperson for several sport brands.

So, just how rich is Francesco Totti? Authoritative sources report that Totti’s net worth is as high as $33 million, accumulated from a long career as a football player, his position as a club director and many endorsements for sport brands such as Nike. He has also appeared in several television shows.

Francesco Totti Net Worth $33 million

Totti spent his upbringing in the Porta Metronia neighborhood, often playing football with older boys. At the age of eight, he began to play youth team football, and following his career in the youth team, Francesco was selected for Roma’s senior side at the age of 16, and in the forthcoming seasons, he played as a second striker, scoring his first goal in September 1994. In the next three seasons, Totti scored 16 goals in total and became a regular in Roma’s starting line-up. Francesco went on to play a more prominent role, however, the performance of his team wasn’t up to scratch during the 1996-97 season. The new manager, Carlos Bianchi decreased Totti’s playing time, and for that reason, he almost went on to play for Sampdoria, but Roma’s chairman Franco Sensi cancelled the transfer.

With new coach Zdeněk Zeman, Francesco Totti was able to develop his career and performance on the field further. At the age of 22, Totti became the official team captain, the youngest in Serie A at the time. He was eventually named Serie A Young Footballer Of the Year, scoring a total of 30 goals and 26 assists in two years under Zeman. In June 1999, Zeman was replaced by Fabio Capello, and Francesco’s playing ability and skills continued to improve, his talent critically acclaimed by the experts and fans. Totti went on to take a more offensive position, becoming a lone striker as a part of the strategy of Luciano Spalletti, Roma’s new coach. Totti was able to strike more and he eventually scored 15 goals in 24 league matches.

In 2006 Totti suffered an injury and was at risk of not being able to play in the 2006 World Cup, but his recovery went well and he returned in May 2006 as a substitute for Roma, with his team defeating Inter to win the Coppa Italia Final. The culmination of Francesco’s career perhaps began in the 2006-07 season, in which he scored a total of 26 goals, but in the following years, Totti’s playing was affected by several injuries. Having returned to form, he started playing at the end of 2011, now as the playmaker for the side. In the forthcoming years, Francesco continued to play for Roma, but according to critics his performance wasn’t as good as previously. Totti retired from playing football in July 2017, having played almost 800 club games, and scored over 300 goals. He then confirmed the rumors surrounding his new position as Roma’s new club director.

For the Italian national team, Totti made 59 appearances and scored nine goals. He was in the team which won the 2006 World Cup, but otherwise had a somewhat checkered career playing for his country

In his personal life, Totti married former showgirl Ilary Blasi in 2005, in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Aracoeli – the couple decided to donate money they made when their wedding was aired on television to charity. They now have two children together, Cristian and Chanel.

Being an ambassador of UNICEF, Totti is widely recognized for his charity work and philanthropy.

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