Yung Berg Net Worth

July 16, 2023
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Yung Berg is a well known rapper, songwriter and producer. He is also known as Hitmaka or Iceberg. Yung Berg started his career not so long ago: his debut album was released in 2008. Despite this fact he was able to show that he is a talented musician and that he might achieve a lot in the future. You might think how rich is Yung Berg? It has been made a statement that Berg’s net worth is 2 million dollars. The number will probably become higher in the future as Yung has only started his career as a musician and he will eventually become even more popular. Christian Ward, better known to the world as Yung Berg, was born in 1986, in Chicago. In 2001 Berg started his career as a musician in Bloodline Records.

Yung Berg Net Worth $2 Million

His debut was with the song Dog 4 Life, which appeared as the part of the soundtrack of movie, called Exit Wounds, directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. At that time Yung was known by the nickname Iceberg. This is when Yung Berg’s net worth started to grow. Later Berg started to work as recording assistant for Shawnna, a well known rapper. Yung’s debut single was called, Sexy Lady, which gained a lot of success and made Berg more famous and acclaimed. Later he also released Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady EP. During the making of this EP, Yung worked with Junior, Tony Loco, Ms. Monet, Twista and others. This of course also added up to Berg’s net worth. In 2007 Yung appeared in Kat DeLuna’s music video for her single Whine Up. In 2008 Berg released his first album, called Look What You Made Me. The album included such singles as Sexy Can I, The Business, One Night, If You Only Knew and others. During the making of this album Yung worked with Ray J, Cesha, Twista, Lloyd, Amerie and others. The album reached the 20th place on the Billboard 200 and had a huge impact on the growth of Yung Berg’s net worth. In addition to this Yung also had his own company, Yung Bosses which also makes his net worth higher.

Recently Berg is more focused on producing and writing songs. He uses his nickname, Hitmaka, and creates songs for other artists including Tamar Braxton. What is more Berg now also created new label, called Yung Fly Movement, also known as YFM. All these activities undoubtedly made Yung Berg’s net worth higher. All in all, it could be said that Yung is a talented musician who just started his career in the music industry. There is a high chance that in the future he will become even more popular as a rapper as well as a song writer and producer. Let’s hope that his fans will be able to hear him more often. Having in mind that Yung recently released his second album, TBA, and that he continues writing songs for different artists, there is a high chance that Berg’s net worth will become higher.

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