Haifa Wehbe Net Worth

December 23, 2023
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Haifa Wehbe is a multiple awarded singer and actress born on 10th March 1976 in Mahrouna, Lebanon. She is most popular in parts of the Arab World and is considered to be among the most successful Lebanese singers. When it comes to her acting, she made her debut appearance in Pepsi-produced film “Sea of Stars” (2008).

Have you ever wondered how rich Haifa Wehbe is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Haifa Wehbe’s overall net worth is $18 million, acquired through a successful career in the entertainment industry, both as a singer and an actress. Since the early 2000s, Haifa has released five albums, numerous singles and appeared in two films. Since she is still active in show business, her net worth continues to increase.

Haifa Wehbe Net Worth $18 Million

Although born in Mahrouna, Haifa was raised in Beirut in a Muslim family, as her father was Lebanese and her mother was Egyptian. When she was sixteen, Wehbe won the title of Miss South Lebanon and entered the finals of the Miss Lebanon competition. However, her title of the runner-up was later revoked as it was discovered she had been married and had a child, which made her an ineligible contestant.

In 2002, Haifa released her first studio album, which didn’t achieve notable success. However, three years later in early 2005, she released “Baddi Aech”, her second studio album which followed the success of its lead single “Ya Hayat Albi”. Her next single named “Aana Haifa”(“I Am Haifa”) remains her biggest hit to date. The following year, Wehbe’s song “Bus al-Wawa” was voted Song of the Year by Radio Scope and Sawt Al Musika, but was also used in a Pepsi advertisement. Soon after, Haifa appeared in the Pepsi-produced film “Sea of Stars” which was released in early 2008, in which she starred next to other famous Lebanese singers and actors. After releasing three more albums and several singles, Wehbe signed with Tarik Freitekh’s label and released her new song “Farhana” in June 2014 in the TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Her net worth was rising steadily.

When it comes to her public appearance, she was ranked 8th in the 2006 edition of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women by AskMen.com website, and was on “People Magazine’s” 50 most beautiful people list the same year. However, the singer’s looks aggravated some of the more conservative Arab countries, which even resulted in the parliament of Bahrain passing a motion which urged the government to ban her shows in the country.

Haifa Wehbe’s private life she manages largely to keep it away from the public. However, it is known that Haifa married her cousin Nasr Fayyad at the age of 18, but separated from him during her pregnancy. She remarried in April 2009 to Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima, however, it was announced that the couple separated in November 2012.

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