Lele Pons Net Worth

March 7, 2023
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Elenora Pons Maronese was born on 25 June 1996, in Caracas, Venezuela, of part-Italian and Catalonian ancestry, the only child to her father, Luis Pons, who is an architect, and her mother Anna, who is a doctor. Lele is known as an Instagram, YouTube and Vine sensation, who has more than six million subscribers on her self-entitled channel as of today.

So just how rich is Lele Pons? According to authoritative sources, this Venezuelan online star has net worth of $1.7 million, accumulated from her over four years-long career in the previously mentioned fields, which only began in 2013. Being the creator on YouTube she makes money every time an ad is displayed in her videos, but also does paid promotions with various brands.

Lele Pons Net Worth $1.7 million

Lele moved to United States with her family at the age of five, where she attended Miami Country Day High School, and having finished with this aspect of her education, she moved to Los Angeles. She started off her career on Vine, a former social media platform used for posting six second-long videos, and was one of its top stars. When the platform shut down, Lele moved to YouTube, uploading her first video in April 2016 entitled ‘’ I’m a YouTuber Now? Lele Pons Channel Trailer’’, which has more than three million views as of today. She quickly followed by uploading ‘’Cheerleading Tryouts’’ later that month, and went on to make a series of comedy videos about Powerpuff Girls, played by her and her colleagues and friends, Lourdes Gonzalez and Amanda Cerny. The series gained vast popularity, and Lele’s career skyrocketed afterwards. She continued making numerous collaborations for her comedy sketches, and when it comes to her latest work on YouTube, she uploaded ‘’Terrible Soccer Players’’ and ‘’Getting My Driver’s License’’ in November of the same year. It is safe to say that Lele’s charisma and talent helped her gain recognition and make quick progress career-wise. She now has a partnership with Shots Studios, and creates videos for them.

When it comes to Pons’ other works, she was featured in many videos of her fellow YouTubers, such as Joey Graceffa, with whom she worked on ‘’Escape The Night’’, a YouTube Red series, in which she was cast to play a hustler. She has also appeared on television, having a minor role in the television horror series ‘’Scream’’, adding somewhat to her net worth.

Besides working in the entertainment business, Pons is also an author, having in 2016 co-written and published the book entitled ‘’Surviving High School’’, alongside Melissa de la Cruz. She has appeared in various music videos too, including ‘’She’s out Of Her Mind’’ by Blink 182, and ‘’Havana’’, in which she plays Camilla Cabello’s sister. Speaking of Lele’s future projects, she will be starring in the 2018 film ‘’Airplane Mode’’.

Lele enlarged her resume furthermore by collaborating with the Dolce & Gabbana fashion house, and walking on their show in April 2017.

Speaking about her private life, Lele was rumored to be dating Juanpa Zurita, but denied such rumors, although the two are friends. Lele’s best friends are also Inana Sarkis and Hannah Stocking, two other YouTube content creators. She had a feud with her former best friend, Amanda Cerny after she had supposedly deleted Amanda’s content from her YouTube channel.

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