Gloria Allred Net Worth

April 18, 2024
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Gloria Rachel Allred is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born American civil rights lawyer particularly noted for taking high-profile cases which involve the protection of women rights. Born on 3 July 1941, Gloria is also one of the richest lawyers in America. One of the highly regarded lawyers, Gloria currently works with law firm Allred, Maroko & Goldberg.

An accomplished attorney who has managed to make news headlines with her work, one may wonder how rich is Gloria at the present? As of early 2016, Gloria Allred counts her net worth at the amount of $20 million. Needless to say, Gloria’s involvement in her profession as an attorney is the major source of her income. Her workings on high-profile cases, some of which are highly controversial have not only been helping her to attain prominence in her profession but have also helped her amass significant wealth.

Gloria Allred Net Worth $20 Million

Raised in Philadelphia in a working-class Jewish family, Gloria attended Philadelphia High School for Girls. She earned her BA from the University of Pennsylvania and later graduated with an MA degree from New York University. Finally, she attended Loyola Law School for her J.D degree to become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Gloria initiated her career as a teacher and resided in Los Angeles, California.

Gloria then started working as an attorney; in 1976, Allred started a firm with her friends from Loyola, named “Allred, Maroko & Goldberg”. This firm still continues to provide legal services to its clients and Gloria is still associated with it. During her career, she has advocated for very high profile cases including celebrities and their controversial issues. Notably, she has also advocated against many celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sacha Baron Cohen , Herman Cain and others in several suits.

Widely recognized for her activism in protection of women’s rights, Gloria represented an eleven year old girl named Katrina Yeaw in a suit against Boy Scouts of America as they did not allow girls to be members. Also, another notable suit that Gloria represented was for Nicole Brown’s family in the O. J. Simpson murder trial. Her professionalism is also recognized well in the film sector as she represented and won a suit against producer Aaron Spelling when he fired actress Hunter Tylo for being pregnant. As important as this trial was for establishing gender equality within the film industry, these projects have also been important in adding to her net worth.

Along with being a very successful lawyer in America, Gloria is noted for taking her cases to media and giving the issues public exposure. She co-hosted a radio talk show for fourteen years with Mark Taylor on KABC, resulting in her being parodied in several television shows like “Family Guy”, “South Park”, “The Simpsons” and other popular shows. More recently, she was all over the news as she took on a suit against actor Bill Cosby for sexual misconduct with several women.

As for her personal life, Gloria has been married twice. Her first husband and the father of her only child Lisa Bloom, Peyton Bray, was married to her for two years between 1960 and 1962. She was married to her second husband William Allred from 1968 until 1987. After her divorce from William, she has been leading a single life enjoying her successful career as an attorney. On top of that, her present net worth of $20 million has been catering to her life in every possible way.

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