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August 28, 2023
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Gareth Thomas Rhys Emery is a Southampton, Hampshire-born English DJ as well as electronic dance music producer who is best known for his albums like “Northern Lights”, “Northern Lights Re-Lit” and more. Born on 18 July 1980, Gareth has both English and Welsh heritage. One of the highly ranked DJs at the present, he has been actively entertaining us since 2002.

One of the very popular DJs in the world who is also famous as a dance music producer, how rich is Gareth as of now? In 2015, Gareth has been counting his net worth at over $13 million. Obviously, the major source of his income is his activity in the field of music which has been a part of his life for more than a decade now. His successful album sales, concerts as well as his ownership of several night clubs and a record label have been paying a lot to Gareth and helping him raise his net worth over the years.

Gareth Emery Net Worth $13 Million

Raised in Southampton, Gareth graduated with a degree in politics from the University of Warwick, but he was very inclined towards music and chose that path to a career in his twenties. By the time he was 26, Gareth ran a night club in Manchester where he also had a studio and record label, both named as “Garuda”. In 2002, Gareth released his remix of “Nervous Breakdown” which earned him his initial popularity. Eventually, he performed in Gras festival and released another track entitled “Mistral” which earned him popularity amongst electronic music fans. This was the pivotal point in his life as this opened the door to many opportunities in the field of music, and to a growing net worth.

Although he has been involved in music since 2002, Gareth only released his debut album entitled “Northern Lights” in 2010. The album was very successful in the market, thanks to his previously earned popularity. Before releasing this album, he released three mixed tapes including “The Five AM Sessions”, “The Podcast Annual” and “The Sound of Garuda”. During his career, he has released four mixed tapes and three studio albums including “Northern Lights Re-Lit” and more recently he released “Drive” in 2014. All of these projects have been adding a lot to Gareth’s wealth.

Initially, Gareth was signed by Five AM records from 2003 to 2008, but from 2009, he has been recording under his own label Garuda. Apart from recording, he had been producing a podcast entitled “Gareth Emery Podcast” which has already been nominated thrice for International Dance Music Awards. After this first podcast ended, he is now involved in another podcast show called “ELECTRIC FOR LIFE”. In addition to this, Gareth has managed to work with many other major artists in the musical field like Lange, Solid Gold and others.

As of now, Gareth has been residing in Los Angeles with his wife Kat; this 35 year old celebrity has been enjoying his career as a DJ and recording producer while his present net worth of $13 million has been complementing his successful life.

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