From “16 and Pregnant” to “Teen Mom 2”: The Life of Briana DeJesus

March 22, 2024
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Who is Briana DeJesus?

American social media star and TV personality Briana DeJesus was born in Orlando, Florida USA on 21 May 1994, so Gemini’s her zodiac sign. She began attracting attention in 2013, when cast to star in the reality show “Teen Mom 3”, alongside MacKenzie McKee and Alexandria Sekella; it follows the lives of girls who were featured in the third season of the reality show “16 and Pregnant”, which had aired a year earlier.

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Education and early life

Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus were raised in Orlando solely by their mother Roxanne DeJesus; Briana hasn’t talked about her father in public, and it’s believed that he left the family when she was three years old.

Briana was still attending a local high school when she became pregnant, and was then advised by her friends and family to enter an audition for the show “16 and Pregnant”; this led to her quickly becoming popular on the internet, and thus after matriculating in 2012, Briana chose to ‘work’ as a social media personality, and not to enroll at college.


TV appearances

In 2016, Briana made a guest appearance in the episode “Family Therapy Begins” of the reality show “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn”, which starred Jenn Berman and Antonio Velaz, and features Dr. Jenn as she’s interviewing feuding family members.

From 2017 through 2019, Briana starred in the documentary reality show “Teen Mom 2”, which similarly to the above mentioned “Teen Mom 3” follows the lives of stars of the reality show “16 and Pregnant”.

In 2022, Briana appeared in the reality shows “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” and “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter”, in which she mostly discussed her career on the internet, and how becoming a mother has changed her life.

Most popular YouTube videos

Briana’s yet to launch her own YouTube channel, however, many videos featuring her have been posted on other people’s channels, and most of these are about her appearances in the reality show “Teen Mom”; we’re about to write about the three most watched videos amongst these, which’ve helped Briana expand her internet fanbase.

Her #1 video “4 EXPLOSIVE ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Fights Ranked: Teen Mom” was uploaded by MTV’s Teen Mom on 18 January 2020, and has since been watched over 6.2 million times; it features some of the most ‘explosive’ moments in “Teen Mom”, during which its cast members got into a fight.


Briana’s second most popular video “Brittany & Briana DeJesus Learn A Horrifying Truth | Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn” was uploaded by VH1 on 21 April 2016, and has since been watched close to 2.5 million times; it follows Briana and her sister as they’re learning the secrets of their family tree.

Her #3 most viewed video = “The Evolution of Briana | Teen Mom 2” – was uploaded by MTV’s Teen Mom on 29 August 2020, and has since been watched over 1.6 million times; it covers Briana’s life since her appearance in “16 and Pregnant”.

Presence on social media networks

Briana loves the attention which she’s receiving from her fans on the internet, and is thus active on a number of social media networks; she’s followed by over 1.2 million people on Instagram and has posted over 50 pictures, with most of these showing her spending time with her friends and taking her daughters on trips.

Briana’s Twitter account was launched in March 2015, and although she’s only tweeted 270 times, she’s still followed by close to 300,000 people on the social media network; she’s only recently become quite active, tending to tweet at least once a day.

Briana isn’t active on Facebook, but has allowed for her ‘Briana DeJesus Official Fanpage’ to be launched; it’s today followed by nearly 100,000 people, and all her posts combined have amassed close to 80,000 likes. Most of her Facebook pictures and videos are the same as those on her Instagram account.

Briana’s rather hard to find on TikTok, as the name of her account’s ‘The Irrelevant Teen Mom’; it’s currently followed by more than 110,000 people, and numbers over three million likes of all Briana’s videos combined. Most of these feature her spending time with her two daughters.


Love life and boyfriend

Briana was 15 when she started dating American rapper Devoin Austin; he’s today followed by over 150,000 people on Instagram, but is yet to make a breakthrough in the music industry.

Briana gave birth to their daughter Nova Star DeJesus on 10 September 2011, at the age of 17, but she and Devoin split not long after Nova’s birth.

She then dated American rapper, music promoter and life coach Dre Diddy, then in the first half of 2016, Briana began dating American non-celebrity Luis Hernandez, but they had already split when she gave birth to their daughter Stella Star DeJesus on 2 July 2017.

Briana dated Javi Marroquin from October 2017 through February 2018, and he’s probably only known for being a former husband of American social media personality Kailyn Lowry. She then dated Johnny Rodriguez, and most recently in May 2021, Briana became engaged to tattoo artist Javi Gonzalez.

Briana’s engaged to Javi Gonzalez as of March 2023, hasn’t married, and has two daughters with two former boyfriends.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Briana today spends the majority of her spare time with her daughters, but as the girls have already grown up a bit, she still manages to find time for herself; she’s recently tried bungee in Oregon, and a video of her jumping has been uploaded onto her Instagram account.

She exercises at the gym once or twice a week, but is unable to follow a strict diet as she loves to eat, with pizza and spaghetti being her favorites.

Briana’s a fan of tattoos, and has a couple inked onto various parts of her body.

She still often goes partying at clubs with her best friends, and has been criticized for this as she’s today engaged.

Briana’s favorite actresses are Angela Bassett and Octavia Spencer, while some of her favorite movies are “Wendell & Wild”, “Akeelah and the Bee” and “Black Nativity”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Briana’s age is 28. Her eyes are brown and hair is black, she’s 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall and weighs about 150lbs (67kgs).

Briana’s net worth’s been estimated at over $800,000, as of March 2023.

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