Evelyn Lozada Net Worth

February 9, 2023
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Evelyn Lozada is a popular televisión personality, who is famous for her appearances on the reality show, called “Basketball Wives”. In addition to this, Evelyn is a model and this also has had an impact on Evelyn’s net worth.

So how rich is Evelyn Lozada? It is estimated that Lozada’s net worth is $1.5 million. The main source of this sum of money is her appearances on television. There is also a chance that Evelyn’s net worth will become even higher in the future as she still continues her career.

Evelyn Alexandra Lozada, or known simply as Evelyn Lozada, was born in 1975, in New York City. At first Evelyn worked as a secretary, then after some time she became one of the owners of the shoe boutique called “Dulce”. This was the time when Evelyn Lozada’s net worth began growing. As mentioned before, the main source of Evelyn’s net worth is her appearances on “Basketball Wives”, created by Shaquille O’Neal, the former wife of NBA center, Shaquille O’Neal. There she had an opportunity to meet Tami Roman, Kenya Bell, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and others. There was also a plan that Evelyn and Chad Johnson would have their own show, called “Ev and Ocho”, but it was never put into production.

Evelyn Lozada Net Worth $1.5 Million

In 2012 she appeared in the show called “Iyanla: Fix My Life”. This also added to Evelyn Lozada’s net worth. In addition to this, Lozada together with Courtney Parker wrote the book entitled “The Wives Association: Inner Circle”. This book also had an impact on her net worth and helped Evelyn to become more famous. It is clear that Evelyn has many activities to take care of, and will probably achieve more in the future. Although she is mainly known just for her appearances on “Basketball Wives”, there is a possibility that she will appear in more interesting and even more popular shows in the near future.

Speaking about her personal life, Lozada was married to Chad Jonhson, but the couple divorced in 2012. She also had a relationship with Antoine Walker and not so long ago announced her engagement to Carl Crawford. Evelyn has 2 children.

All in all, it could be said that Evelyn Lozada is a successful woman, who became famous through television, but will probably achieve more in the future and will not only known be as a television personality. Evelyn is now 39 years old, so there is still a bright future waiting for her; let’s hope that she will do many successful and meaningful things. As said before, there is a chance that Evelyn Lozada’s net worth will grow in the future. Evelyn still continues her career and there is no doubt that she will gain more fans all over the world. Let’s hope that this will happen soon and we will be able to hear more about Evelyn in the near future.

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