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August 31, 2023
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Tamisha Akbar was born on the 17th April 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York State USA. She is best known under the name Tami Roman, and is an actress, model and TV personality, who earned her fame through appearances on reality TV shows such as “Basketball Wives” and the MTV reality TV series “The Real World”. Her career in the entertainment industry has been active since 1992.

Have you ever wondered how rich Tami Roman is? According to sources, it is estimated that Tami Roman`s total net worth is $500,000, an amount earned through her successful career in the entertainment industry. Recently she began to develop her career as an actress, appearing in the science fiction series “Extant”, along with Halle Berry. Hopefully adding to her net worth, Roman is currently working on her own cosmetic line.

Tami Roman Net Worth $500,000

Tami`s childhood greatly effected on her later life, as she grew up only with her mother, who had to work all day to support the duo. While Tami was still a child, her mother married Ali Akbar, but due to his adulteries, they divorced, and soon the two were back to the beginning.

However, it all changed when Tami entered the modelling industry at the age of 17, and earned her first appearance in the MTV Reality TV series “The Real World” when she was 22. Ever since then, her career has only gone upward, as she soon became involved in other MTV reality programs and TV series, making it the main source of her net worth. In 1993, she appeared as a VJ host of “MTV Beach House”, and “MTV Jams” in 1996. Furthermore to her MTV appearances, in 1998 she earned a role in the comedy “Rude Awakening”, created by Claudia Lonow.

With the beginning of the 2000s, her career began to develop even further, as she appeared in numerous TV and film roles, which have influenced her overall net worth, some of which are “MacArthur Park” in 2001, “Sex Love & Secrets” in 2005, “Moonlight” in 2008, “Belle`s” in 2013 and many other guest and supporting appearances which have added to her net worth.

However, her most notable appearance was in the Reality TV series “Basketball Wives” in 2013, as she was married to a former basketball player Kenny Anderson. Her latest ventures in her acting career include her role as Cass Hendy in the science fiction TV series “Extant”, which also features Halle Berry as its star.

Furthermore, she runs her own talk shows – “Tami Roman`s Love Talk” and “Hot Jamz”, alongside the rapper “Wille D”, and Reggie Youngblood, her current boyfriend. In 2015, she has also appeared in the Reality TV Series “Celebrity Wife Swap”, where she exchanged lives with Kerri Walsh-Jennings.

Adding to her net worth apart from her acting career, Tami is currently working on her own line of cosmetics, which will surely increase her net worth upon its release.

Overall, Tami has come a long way from the streets of New York, as she spent a few months homeless when her mother lost her job, to the Hollywood lights. Nevertheless, she still strives for success and it is without a doubt that her net worth will grow over the coming years.

To talk about her personal life, as it was mentioned, she was married Kenny Anderson in 1994, with whom she had two children, before their divorce in 2001. As of 2014, she is in a relationship with Reggie Youngblood.

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