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April 18, 2024
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Dave Franco is a famous American screenwriter, actor and film producer who has estimated net worth of $2 million. Today he is mostly known for his roles in movies the “21 Jump Street”, “Charlie St. Cloud”, “Fright Night” and “Now You See Me”. He also became well-known to audiences after appearing in the 9th season of the popular TV show “Scrubs”. Dave Franco was born on June 12 1985, in Palo Alto, California. He is the son of Betsy Verne, a poet, and Doug Franco, an editor. David grew up with two brothers – Tom and James. James Franco later also became famous thanks to his acting and producing.

Dave Franco Net Worth $2 Million

After graduation from school, David Franco attended the University of Southern California where he started to pursue a degree in Film and Psychology. Most likely he would have succeeded, but the actor in him chose to drop out of university and focus on his acting career. As an actor he made his debut in 2006, when life gave Dave an opportunity to portray a character in the TV show entitled “7th Heaven”. This performance was noted by the audience, and from that time Dave Franco started to appear in many others movies and TV shows. However, the first true recognition all around the world came to Dave in 2009, when he received one of the main roles in the American sitcom called “Scrubs”. Franco portrayed Cole Aaronson – a self-confident medical student, whose family paid a huge amount of money to secure his internship in Sacred Heart Hospital. He had an opportunity to play only in the last season, but by that time this TV show had become so amazingly popular that Dave’s popularity was also raised really quickly. Unfortunately, the 9th season of “Scrubs” was the last one and it didn’t become so beloved to audiences as all the previous ones, so Franco didn’t enjoy this role for very long.

David’s next  famous appearance was in 2011, when he was cast to play a role in the popular 3D comedy and horror film, the remake of Tom Holland’s movie with the same title – “Fright Night”. This movie received mostly positive reviews from critics all around the world and has made over $41 million worldwide. But that’s not all – in 2013 Dave Franco co-starred in the zombie romance movie called “Warm Bodies” and played Perry Kelvin.

Today France has also been chosen to play roles in movies which are going to be released in 2015. The actor is definitely going to appear in the upcoming comedy film “Business Trip”. The filming of this move began in mid-November 2013, and today this is one of Dave Franco’s main activities. In 2012 Franco with his brother James were ranked number 2 on the list of “the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish men in the world” by Shalom Life. After this nomination Dave stated he wasn’t as proud of the adjectives “intelligent”, “talented” and “funny”, as he was of the word “Jewish”.

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