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May 12, 2023
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Dave England was born on 30 December 1969, in Ventura, California USA. He is an actor, stunt performer, and former professional snowboarder, best known for his stunts on the hit MTV reality television series and movies “Jackass”.

So just how rich is Dave England? According to sources, England has earned a net worth over $2.5 million, as of early 2016. He has established his wealth largely through his career of daring stunt performances while being a member of the “Jackass” series and movies.

Dave England Net Worth $2.5 Million

As a professional snowboarder, England appeared in several of Kingpin Production’s snowboarding videos, such as “Bulletproof” and “Back in Black”. Aside from snowboarding videos and competitions, he also founded a snowboarding magazine called Skintight Magazine, and took part in Snowboarder Magazine serving as the field editor and in the magazine Blunt.

Through his connections with Big Brother Magazine and its editor Jeff Tremaine, England found his way into joining “Jackass”. While creating the series in 2000, Tremaine included England as a skateboarder in the Jackass crew, consisting of actors Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn, Wee Man, Preston Lacy and Brandon DiCamillo, professional skateboarders Chris Pontius and Bam Margera, and a professional clown Steve-O, who represented the main crew. A number of other performers joined the crew as the series progressed. “Jackass” developed from the underground CKY videos and featured the men performing various risky and often painful stunts and pranks, some of them being extremely funny, while others being overly disgusting. The crew goes out of their way to hurt and disgust each other in the most entertaining, but also in the most dangerous manner – in any case the main purpose was to shock the viewers. The series became a massive success at the box office as well as with the worldwide audience, so popular that even celebrities like Brad Pitt, Shaquille O’Neal and skateboarder Tony Hawk appeared in its stunts.

England was usually the one doing stunts involving a fecal matter. He has completed a number of such stunts which have brought him high popularity and a considerable net worth. His other famous stunts include “The Vomelette” in which England eats raw food, throws up and then cooks his own vomit into an omelet and eats it.

Lengthy warnings are included in each episode of “Jackass”, saying that the stunts performed in the series were dangerous and should not be done at home. However, despite many warnings, teenagers across the country were trying to imitate stunts from “Jackass”, resulting in many injuries. Reportedly, the series even caused several deaths among US youth. This was the main reason for huge public outrage to cancel the series; MTV then canceled airings before 10 pm, and didn’t air repeats of the later episodes. However, the series still caused too much controversy, and it ended in 2002.

Still, “Jackass” was such a hit that it spawned four movies: “Jackass: The Movie” in 2002, “Jackass: Number Two” in 2006, “Jackass 3D” in 2010 and “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” in 2013. There were also two video documentaries produced – “Jackass 2.5” released in 2007 and “Jackass 3.5” released in 2011, as well as a number of spin-offs. The movies have been a great success at the box office, significantly contributing to England’s net worth, as he appeared in three of them. Just as in the TV series, England does his ‘poop’ stunts in the movies.

In 2008 England starred in the movie “Shred” along with fellow MTV star Tom Green. The movie is a snowboarding-based comedy, with England playing the role of former snowboarder Max who, together with his buddy Eddy, decides to start their own snowboarding camp in order to earn money from the sport that has become extremely popular. The following year England starred in the sequel “Shred 2”. The movies have also contributed to his wealth.

In his personal life, England is married to Joanna, and the couple has four children. The family resides in Southern California.

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