Daithi De Nogla Net Worth

January 24, 2023
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Born David De Nogla in Ireland on the 6th July 1992, he is a YouTube star, best known to the world for his channel Daithi De Nogla, on which he uploads funny gaming videos and reviews.

Have you ever wondered how rich Daithi De Nogla is, as of mid-2019? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that De Nogla’s net worth is as high as $3 million, an amount earned through his successful career, active since 2012. Today his channel generate ~16M views per month. Let’s suppose minimum he earn $2000 from 1 million views, that means 16M*2k = $32,000 per month, what is $384k early salary. It’s minimum. If he’s lucky to increase this rate to $3000 or $4000 from 1M views, early earnings can double quite easily. Additionally he can do cross-sales in videos, what can double whole amount.

Daithi De Nogla Net Worth $3 Million

Daithi has a twin brother, Aindreas De Nogla; during his childhood, he was well into gaming, and his parents provided needed equipment for young David to develop his gaming skills. As he was growing older, he became more focused on his gaming performance, and once in high school, some of his friends suggested to him that he could start uploading gaming video commentaries and reviews onto YouTube.

Daithi subsequently set up his own channel, and his career was ready to begin. His first video came out only in 2014, called “GTA 5 Funny Moments: Stunt Buddy Lui Calibre, Ladder Troll & Eat Dirt! (GTA V Online)”, and it has now attracted more than 430,000 views. After accumulating just a few hundred views, Daithi uploaded another video, followed by one more, but at that point in his early career, Daithi wasn’t that popular, as he was producing the same as many other YouTube gamers. However, when he decided to import his Irish slang and rage into his videos, his popularity started to soar, and in a short span of time he accumulated more than a million subscribers, and as new videos were uploaded, the number of his fans only increased. He now has close to six million subscribers, while his 778 videos have attracted more than 800 million lifetime views, which has increased his net worth to a considerable degree. Additionally, he is ranked consistently in the top 100 YouTube commentators in the world.

Nor is Daithi any slouch when it comes to business. Recognising the value of what he does, he has entered into several agreements with various brands to use his name, which merchandise is sold on e-commerce outlets.

Regarding his personal life, he is currently in a relationship with a lady named Jaclyn, but there is no further information about her or their relationship. Previously, he was in a relationship with an Irish girl, Bernice.

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