Mia Khalifa Net Worth

April 16, 2023
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Mia Khalifa was born on the 10th February 1993, in Beirut, Lebanon, and is an adult model as well as pornographic actress, who currently resides in USA. She is probably best known as the star of the popular porno site PornHub, and has been accumulating her net worth being active in the porn industry since 2014.

So just how much is the net worth of Mia Khalifa? It has been reported that over the period she has been active in the previously mentioned industry, she has accumulated wealth which is equal to $2.5 million.

Mia Khalifa Net Worth $2.5 Million

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To give some background information, Mia Khalifa was born into a Christian Lebanese family, but does not practice the faith. The family moved to the USA in 2000, and she was raised in Montgomery County in the state of Maryland where she was educated, before  graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso with a BA degree in History. Mia was working in a fast food restaurant when out of the blue, one of the clients offered her work in the porno industry. This was the decision which subsequently allowed her to earn half a million dollars over little more than half a year.

In October 2014, she began to star in porn movies. On the 28th December 2014 the internet pornography site named PornHub announced that Mia Khalifa had promoted more than 1.5 million searches, and was the most popular actress, overtaking the previous leader of the site Lisa Ann. Within a few days, this news spread quickly, and between 3rd and 6th January 2015, the search volume in the previously mentioned site rose by five times. Of course, such popularity added considerably to the outright size of Mia Khalifa’s net worth.

With her semi-notoriety was sparked a major controversy, because the pornographic star is a Lebanese woman, and in several videos she was wearing an hijab, and moreover, Khalifa received several death threats. However, she also received support, as the Boston musical duo Time Flies released a song in honour of Mia, and the Lebanese comedian Nemr Abou Nassar supported her on Twitter, by saying that he loved her for her decision. The British-Lebanese author Nasri Atallah supported her decision to work in the porno industry too. As for Mia, she doesn’t want to change anything, and continues her work.

Aside from her current career, Mia Khalifa has some decent plans for the future, saying that she would like to own a franchise of Whataburger. However, the previously mentioned franchise was not happy about this, and even announced that they would not add any new branches to the current franchise. Furthermore, Mia has released drinking glasses under her signature, and recently, the commercial of Lebanese beer Almaza was aired which shows Khalifa’s glasses and the beer that goes with the slogan: “Both of us for adults only”.

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Finally, in the personal life of Mia Khalifa, since 2011 she has apparently been married to a USA citizen, and the couple lives in Miami, Florida. However, Mia does not communicate with her parents, as they do not support the girl’s choice to work in the porn industry.

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