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May 21, 2023
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Famed former child actor Butch Patrick was born Patrick Alan Lilley on 2 August 1953, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is probably best known for playing the character of werewolf Eddie Munster in the CBS TV comedy series “The Munsters”. Butch made his first acting appearance in 1961 at the age of eight in the film “The Two Little Bears,”starring Eddie Albert and Jane Wyatt. His other appearances in 1960s TV series include “I Dream of Jeannie”, “The Monkees” and “Gunsmoke”.

According to different sources, Butch Patrick’s net worth is estimated to be $250,000, the main source of his wealth being his acting career. The sources intimate that he also gets paid for sponsorship, endorsements, ads, and features. Butch’s yearly income is estimated to be around $30,000 while his sponsorship endorsements are to the tune of $7,000. Included in his income, are earnings from Eddie Munster, Daniel Boone, and Little Bill Fred Gwynne, plus earnings from album and songs.

Butch Patrick Net Worth $250,000

Butch’s step father, Ken Hunt, was a former professional baseball player with the Yankees and briefly with the Washington Senators. Butch’s first appearance as an actor was in the TV series “The Detectives” in 1961, and then as Eddie Munster in the TV series “The Munsters”(1964). He went on to star in “The Two Little Bears” and also the series “General Hospital” in 1963, and was also involved in Kelloggs award-winning Cornflakes Commercial. He subsequently starred as Greg in “The Real McCoys” and as Mark in the series “Linville” in 1971. All added to his net worth.

Butch signed a contract with Metromedia Records which saw him perform in high profile shows, notably “Armenian Band Stand” and “The Daily Game”. From 1971 to1973 he performed in the “Teen Heart Throb Tears”. At the age of 19, Butch left Hollywood for fast cars and surfing. In 1993, he formed “Eddie and the Monsters” a band on Rockshire records which aired a video on the famous Upstart Cable Power House, becoming the first unsigned band to be seen. Currently Butch works the Indie movies circuit as a way o giving back to society and is usually solidly booked during the Halloween. His net worth was steady if unspectacular.

In his personal life, Butch was engaged for some time to Philadelphia Eagles Cheer Leader Donna Auerbach/McCall. In 2010, he announced their wedding but shortly afterwards they broke up, and Butch entered a rehabilitation facility in New Jersey, where he battled forty years of addiction to alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. He cleaned up and got out of rehab, but unfortunately Butch was diagnosed with prostate cancer, however, he remained positive about his prognosis and true to his belief, and recovered. He now works supporting people with addictions. Butch also has a passion for cars; he travels the world as a celebrity guest of car shows, and exports classic cars to Australia. He is also a guest at many convention and autograph shows, and offers consultancy services to Haunted House Attraction Industry.

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