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January 25, 2024
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Richard Anthony “Cheech” Marin was born on 13 July, 1946 in South Central, Los Angeles, California. As Cheech Marin, he is best known for his part in the comedy act “Cheech and Chong” during the 1970s and early 80s, and also for voicing various characters in several Disney productions including “The Lion King”, “Cars”, “Cars 2”, “Oliver and Company”, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and many more.

So, one many wonder how rich is Marin? Cheech is estimated by sources to have a net worth amounting to over $12 million as of early 2016. He has acquired his wealth primarily from his successful career as a voice actor, producer and a director. His trademark Mexican accent in the characters he voices has helped him gain recognition in the movie industry and with general audiences. The major contributor to his assets as well as his fame is his successful role in “Cheech and Chong” with Tommy Chong. The duo became marijuana culture symbols with the 1978 film “Up In Smoke”. Marin has since enjoyed steady success in television and movies. He is also known for his art collection, another valuable asset.

Cheech Marin Net Worth $12 Million

As for his early life, Los Angeles-raised Marin had a police officer father and his mother was a secretary. His famous nickname, “Cheech” was given by his uncle, after a Mexican snack. Growing up in Granada Hills, he had built up his reputation as a class clown and also sang in his friend’s band. Marin studied in Bishop Academy High School from where he matriculated. He then attended California State University, Northridge, but, in order to dodge the draft during Vietnam War, went to Vancouver, Canada without graduating from Northridge.

Marin had a keen interest in comedy from his childhood, and met his like-minded acting partner, Tommy Chong, in Calgary, Canada. The duo then started working on acting and writing. They had a successful run in their series until 1985, when the two separated. Marin continued his career as an actor and comedian, appearing in several films like “The Shrimp On The Barbie” and “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”. Marin also voiced in several animated movies like “The Lion King”, “Cars”, “Cars 2” and more.

Aside from acting and voice-overs, Marin has released his works on children’s music, which have been well-received. He also sings on a hidden track on Korn’s album “Follow The Leader”, and has written several children’s books, such as “Cheech The Bus Driver” and “Captain Cheech”.

Regarding his personal life, Marin married Natasha, in August 2009 which is his third marriage. He has three children from his previous marriages. Marin is well known as an art collector and is considered to have the largest collection of Chicano arts. He currently serves on ‘Hispanic Scholarship Fund’ and “Smithsonian Latino Center” and has been honored for his work. Marin, with his honored work in Hispanic community, with a good acting as well as writing career, and a reputed arts collector, enjoys a net worth of $12 million.

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