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November 20, 2023
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Brian Jeffrey Krause was born on 1 February 1969, in El Toro, California USA, and is an actor, best known for being part of the television series “Charmed” as Leo Wyatt. He was also the lead of the 1992 horror film “Sleepwalkers”, and all of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Brian Krause? As of late-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $500,000, mostly earned through his career as an actor. He’s been a part of numerous films and television series, with his longest run being in “Charmed” from 1998 to 2006. He’s also made a lot of television movies, and as he continues his career it is expected that his wealth will increase.

Brian Krause Net Worth $500,000

Brian first got into acting during junior high, joining The Actors Workshop to avoid a bully in his physical education class. He attended El Toro High School and went on to study karate before matriculating in 1987. Afterwards, he went to Orange Coast College, playing soccer there.

In 1989, Krause landed his first series in “TV 101” while he was still a student. This then led to television movies including “Match Point”, “An American Summer” and “American Eyes”. Two years later he would be cast in his first major role in the film “Return to the Blue Lagoon”, in which he played Richard Lestrange. He then went on to co-star in the “Bandit” series before landing his most well-known role in “Charmed” as Leo Wyatt.

“Charmed” is a series created by Constance M Burge, and follows the story of three sisters who are known as The Charmed Ones, good witches who use their powers to protect innocent people and destroy evil. Each of the sisters has their own unique powers, living in San Francisco, and trying to maintain normal lives. The series went on to become a big success and garnered a cult following, as well as becoming the highest rated Sunday night program in Warner Bros. history. Brian originally auditioned for the role of Andy Trudeau but was then cast as Leo who became the love interest of Piper. He plays a white lighter which is a guardian of witches, and the two would develop a relationship as the series went on. During the eighth season of the show, he appeared fewer times due to budget constraints. The show ended with each of the characters having their own marriages and families.

Brian stayed with “Charmed” until the end of its run, and then appeared in more television movies. He also made various guest appearances in shows such as “Mad Men” and “The Closer”. He then started doing voice work, notably for the videogame “LA Noire” in which he voices Clem Feeney. He also appeared in the YouTube series “Chad Vader” as himself.

For his personal life, it is known that Brian was married to Beth Bruce in 1996 and their marriage lasted for four years. They had a child during this time.

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