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April 26, 2023
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Catherine Bachman was born on 1 March 1954, in Warren, Ohio USA, of Mexican and German ancestry. Catherine is an actress perhaps still best known for playing the iconic role of Daisy Duke in the widely popular television series “The Dukes of Hazzard”. She continued to make film and television appearances after the role, all of which helped put her net worth to where it is now.

How rich is Catherine Bach? As of early-2016, sources inform of a net worth that is at $6 million, mostly accumulated through a successful career in acting. She continues acting, even now appearing mostly in television. She has also started a line of diamond jewelry at Debenhams, which has helped raise her wealth.

Catherine Bach Net Worth $6 Million

Catherine attended Stevens High School in Rapid City, South Dakota and after matriculating decided to pursue a career in acting. She later went to the University of California, Los Angeles to study arts. In order to help fund her studies, she did theatre productions and also made and sold clothes to friends.

Her first major production and professional debut would be “The Sound of Music”, playing as one of the children in the film. She would then go on to appear in the murder mystery film “The Midnight Man”, playing the murdered co-ed Natalie. In 1974, she would become part of the film “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot”. After hearing about auditions for the “Dukes of Hazzard” television series, she went on to audition and despite the differences in what the producers wanted, they hired Catherine for the role. In the show, she was responsible for the idea of her iconic look and went on to film the series entire run with Tom Wopat, James Best, and John Schneider. During the popularity of the show, a poster with Catherine’s character Daisy Duke was released, and it reportedly sold around five million copies. Her net worth was also steadily rising at this point. It was also known that during her time with “Dukes of Hazzard” Catherine’s legs would be insured for $1,000,000. When the series ended in 1985, she would continue making films and television appearances but mostly in low-profile roles. She did her best to continue and make posters, guest on talk-shows and take offers. She became part of the series “African Skies” and even did a guest appearance in “Monk”. One of her current shows is “The Young and the Restless” where she plays the recurring role of Anita Lawson.

In her personal life, it is known that Bach grew up in a ranch with her father who was a rancher and mother who was an acupuncturist. She descended from the Verdugo family, one of the earliest families in South Dakota. She married David Shaw in 1976 but they divorced in 1981. She then married entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez in 1990 and they had two children. In 2010, her 60 year old husband was found dead with a gunshot wound. According to police reports, it was an apparent suicide.

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