Becky Quick Net Worth

November 30, 2023
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Rebecca Quick, born on July 18, 1972, is an American anchorwoman, journalist and host who became famous for her work on the CNBC shows “Squawk Box” and “On the Money”.

So just how rich is Becky Quick? According to authoritative sources, Becky has accumulated a net worth of over $2 million, during her career in print and TV journalism which began in the mid-‘90s.

Becky Quick Net Worth $2 million

Born in Indiana, Quick and her family moved a lot when she was growing up due to her father’s occupation as a geologist, was involved in an oil production business; hence she was able to travel to various states like Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio before settling in Medford, New Jersey.

In 1993, Quick graduated from Rutgers University where she pursued a degree in Political Science; during her time there she became the editor-in-chief of the school paper, The Daily Targum. With her work on the school’s paper, the Journalism Resources Institute at Rutgers awarded her the Times Mirror Fellowship.

Right after graduation, Quick’s passion for financial journalism landed her a job at the well-known The Wall Street Journal, where she covered mainly commercial industry topics and retail. A few years later, she also helped the paper launch their website in 1996, and served as its International News Editor, supervising their international affairs coverage. Her time at The Wall Street Journal helped increase her net worth and also opened a lot of doors for her later career.

In 2005, Quick transitioned to television and became one of the anchors at CNBC’s show “Squawk Box”. Through the show, Quick was able to land interviews with many sought-after businessmen and innovators, some of the well-known personalities included Warren Buffet, Bill Gatse, Jamie Dimon, Alan Greenspan, T. Boone Pickens, and Charlie Munger. Her work on “Squawk Box” not only made her a familiar face on television, but also helped in her wealth. Today, she is still part of the show along with co-anchors Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Aside from her daily work in the “Squawk Box”, CNBC also made Quick the host of their weekly financial program “On The Money”, in which they cover various financial topics concerning businessmen and daily consumers.

Other than her current anchor and hosting jobs, some of Quick’s other achievements include hosting the television documentary about Warren Buffet entitled, “Warren Buffet: The Billionaire Next Door Going Global”, being the co-moderator of the Republican Presidential Debate last October 2016, and she ash also been able to interview three US presidents. All of her other accolades and achievements also helped in her rising net worth.

In terms of her personal life, Quick was married to Peter Shay, a computer programmer, but the relationship didn’t last long, and she moved on to a new relationship, in 2008 marrying Matt Quayle, one of the executive producers in her show “Squawk Box”. In 2011l they welcomed their first child, Kyle Nathaniel Quayle.

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