Abdullah the Butcher Net Worth

March 12, 2024
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Lawrence Robert ‘Larry’ Shreve was born on the 11th January 1941, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and is a former professional wrestler who, under the name of Abdullah the Butcher, is most famous for his brutal and aggressive wrestling style. Apart from being easily recognized by scars on his bald head, he is also widely known for being involved in some of the bloodiest and most violent fights in the history of professional wrestling.

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this hardcore wrestler has accumulated so far? How rich Abdullah the Butcher is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Abdullah the Butcher’s net worth, as of mid-2017, exceeds the sum of $2 million, acquired almost exclusively through his professional wrestling career which was active for over 52 years, between 1958 and 2010.

Abdullah the Butcher Net Worth $2 million

Abdullah was one of 10 siblings; he began practicing karate and judo at a very young age, and being 6 ft (1.83m) tall and weighing around 330 lbs (150 kg), at the age of 17 he gained the attention of a local wrestling promoter and soon after made his debut as professional wrestler in 1958. He developed the persoa of a wicked sadistic Arab – Abdullah the Butcher. Competing in several independent territories in the beginning, he quickly established himself as the meanest rule breaker in the world of wrestling when, totally unscripted(!), he broke a chair over Gino Brito’s head and then continued to beat him with its leg. However, these ventures provided the basis for Abdullah the Butcher’s net worth, fame and notoriety.

In 1967, Abdullah teamed up with Dr. Jerry Graham and won his first major title – The NWA Canadian Tag Team Title – in Vancouver, Canada. This was followed by capturing and successfully defending the IWA International Heavyweight Champion title three years in a row, between 1969 and 1972. In 1972, he also won the NWF World Heavyweight Title, while in 1982 he added the WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion title to his professional portfolio. It is certain that all these accomplishments helped Abdullah to dramatically expand the total of his net worth.

Over the years, he constantly toured different regions, including the USA, Japan and New Zealand, repeatedly breaking the rules and further developing his character as well as his fearsome reputation – he earned the nickname “The Madman from The Sudan” as his aggressive and bloodthirsty wrestling style often included stabbing his opponent with a fork, or any other foreign object that he could lay his hands on. Scars on his head originate from the excessive use of “blading” – an intentional cutting during matches to provoke bleeding. Portraying himself as a savage Arab who does not speak English at all, The Madman from The Sudan never gave any interviews, all of which helped Abdullah the Butcher to gain a huge dose of popularity, and reputation as well as an impressive amount of wealth.

In 2011, Abdullah the Butcher was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

When it comes to his personal life, Abdullah has been described as the total opposite of his fighting-ring-persona – cheerful and pleasant. However, he has married four times, firstly to Vivian Jensen (1960-65), then to Sandra Dunmore from 1970-89. From ’90-’95 he was married to Dana Wilson, and has now been married to Mary Ackerman since 2001. They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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