Woody Johnson Net Worth

July 18, 2023
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Robert Wood Johnson IV, commonly known as Woody Johnson, is a famous American philanthropist, as well as a businessman. Woody Johnson’s great grandfather was Robert Wood Johnson I, a co-founder of the company called “Johnson & Johnson” established in 1886, which specializes in the manufacture of consumer packaged goods and medical devices. Woody Johnson worked at the company for a brief period of his life, in hopes of continuing the family business. Yet, in 1978, he went on to launch his own firm instead, which he called “Johnson Company, Inc.”. The company currently serves as a private investment firm.

Woody Johnson Net Worth $3.5 Billion

In addition to running his own business, Woody Johnson purchased the New York “Jets” football team for the remarkable sum of $635 million, and he is currently the owner of it. Aside from that, Woody Johnson became an owner of the courtside seats of a basketball team called the New York “Knicks”.

A well-known businessman, how rich is Woody Johnson? According to sources, Woody Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be an impressive $3.5 billion. Undoubtedly, most of Woody Johnson’s net worth and wealth has come from his business ventures.

Woody Johnson was born in 1947, in New Jersey, United States, where he studied at the Millbrook School, and later enrolled in the University of Arizona. His father, Robert Woody Johnson III, was a well-known president of the “Johnson & Johnson” company, hence upon finishing his studies, Woody Johnson decided to work in his father’s firm.

In addition to being involved in numerous business ventures, Woody Johnson is known for taking part in philanthropic and charitable causes. As a philanthropist, Johnson joined a non-profit organization called “The Council on Foreign Affairs”, which deals with international affairs and foreign policy. Johnson also helped fund the research into such diseases as lupus and diabetes, since two of his daughters, Casey and Jaime, were also diagnosed with them. Johnson has heavily contributed to “The National Institute of Health” and its research on numerous diseases, as well as founding “The Alliance for Lupus Research” in 1999. A chairman of the organization, Woody Johnson helped it gain $81 million, all of which went to lupus research. The main areas of research conducted by the ALR are clinical assessment, inflammation, pathogenesis, susceptibility, tissue damage and therapy. Aside from this, Johnson took part as a host of a fundraising event for “The Republican National Committee”, as he is a strong supporter of the republican political party. Over the years, he had supported such politicians as John McCain, for whom he organized a fundraiser, as well as Mitt Romney, whom he supported during the Presidential Election, which occurred in 2012. For a brief period, Woody Johnson also served as the president of the USS New York (LPD-11) Pre-Commissioning Unit.

Currently, Woody Johnson resides in New York, as well as New Jersey, where he has purchased homes. Johnson has been married twice, firstly to Nancy Sale Johnson, and later to Suzanne Ircha Johnson. A well-known businessman, Woody Johnson has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.

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