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July 18, 2023
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William Hung was born on 13 January 1983 in Hong Kong. At the age of 10, Hung moved to live to New Jersey, USA. William is perhaps best known from the TV show “American Idol” in 2004, after his performance of She Bangs, a song by famous singer Ricky Martin, which he sang totally out of tune. Still, somehow Hung became a star on this show.

So just how rich is William Hung? Sources estimate that William’s net worth is $1.5 million, accumulated from his somewhat peripatetic performances in the music industry..

William Hung Net Worth $1.5 Million

William Hung was educated at John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles.William then studied civil engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, but soon after his success on the TV show, William decided to quit studying and focus on the music industry instead. Undoubtedly, this decision led to William Hung’s net worth increasing. William began working with Koch Entertainment soon after his noted performance of Ricky Martin`s song, and the company started promoting William Hung as a singer. The company helped Hung to release three albums, with some success, and undoubtedly all of them increased the overall amount of William Hung’s net worth.

Subsequently regarding his career on TV and on the big screen, William is known from such commercials as The Game Show Network, Ask.com, and Cingular Wireless, which added considerable sums to the total size of William Hung’s net worth. His movie debut was in “Where Is Mama`s Boy”, a movie released in 2005 which, however, did not achieve any great success. Later on, William also showed up in “The Fairly Odd Parents”, “Celebrity Deathmatch”, “Airline”, “Arrested Development”, and “George Lopez”. He is also known to perform for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team with the song called Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

However, William was always been a controversial person in the music industry, partly due to critics` opinions. One reason for that is considered to be William`s lack of musical talent. There have been many suggestions that Asian people cannot sing in western languages at all, and much fun has been made of people of this race in this context. Seeing that William did not care a lot about such back-biting, he continued on pursuing a career in singing. Of course, this was supposed to be the main source of the overall sum of William Hung’s net worth.

Somewhar surprisingly perhaps, in 2011 William himself decided to quit singing, and instead began increasing his net worth while working in the area of crime, in particular by becoming a technical crime analyst. Regardless, Hung is sure that his experience in the music industry made positive changes in him.

In his personal life, William Hung married Jian Teng in 2014.

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