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June 11, 2023
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Kevin Norwood Bacon, commonly known as Kevin Bacon, is a famous American voice actor, television producer, film score composer, as well as an actor. Kevin Bacon rose to prominence in 1984, when he starred in Herbert Ross’ musical drama film entitled “Footloose”. Some of Bacon’s other remarkable roles include such films as “Mystic River” directed, produced by and starring Clint Eastwood, a critically acclaimed historical drama film “Apollo 13” starring Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton, and “X-Men: First Class” with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Oliver Platt. Currently, Bacon is the main star in a drama series called “The Following”, which premiered on television screens in 2013. The premiere of the show succeeded in attracting the attention of 20.34 million viewers in the United States. For his contributions to the film and television industry, Kevin Bacon has been rewarded with a Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Saturn Award.

Kevin Bacon Net Worth $50 Million

A well-known actor, how rich is Kevin Bacon? According to sources, in 2005 his salary per film amounted to as much as $2 million. Meanwhile, in 2012 he earned $175,000 per every episode of “The Following”. In regards to his overall wealth, Kevin Bacon’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, most of which he has accumulated due to his acting career. Among Bacon’s valuable assets is a luxurious pad, which cost him $2.5 million.

Kevin Bacon was born in 1958 in Pennsylvania, United States, where he studied at Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts. Bacon learned theatre acting from Dr. Glory Van Scott, as a result of which he decided to continue performing in theatre. Consequently, Bacon made his film debut in John Landis’ “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, which came out in 1978. However, the movie failed to generate public interest in his performance, and Bacon had to return to theatre. Two years later, Bacon landed a role in Sean S. Cunningham’s slasher film called “Friday the 13th”, which turned out to be a box office success. After that, he played one of the main characters in Paul Morrissey’s “Forty Deuce”, which brought him an Obie Award. Bacon’s big breakthrough came in 1984 with the critically acclaimed “Footloose”. In the 1990s, Bacon played a variety of notable roles, among which was in “The River Wild”, which earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe award, “JFK”, “Murder in the First” and “Apollo 13”.

Aside from acting, Bacon made his debut as a director in “Losing Chase”, which received three nominations for Golden Globe Awards. Two years later, in 1998 he served both as an executive producer and the main star in the erotic thriller film called “Wild Things”, in which he was supported by a cast of Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell and Denise Richards.

In regards to his personal life, Kevin Bacon met his future wife Kyra Sedgwick in 1988, during the production of a theatrical play called “Lemon Sky”. The couple became married that same year, and they currently have two children, namely Sosie Ruth and Travis Sedgwick.

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