Why is Ana Cozar Famous? Her Age, Body Measurements, Dating

April 18, 2024
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Ana Cozar achieved well-deserved recognition as the winner of the Ms. Rio competition in 2009, marking a significant milestone in her career. Her modelling endeavours have further solidified her standing, collaborating with renowned global companies such as Ryderwear.

In addition to her success in the modelling world, Ana holds the distinction of being a Certified International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBF) model, underscoring her expertise in the field.

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With a series of impressive achievements, Ana Cozar has rightfully earned fame and respect in her industry.

To gain a deeper understanding of Ana’s journey and the key factors that contributed to her remarkable success, let’s delve into her career and explore the notable milestones in her life so far.

Early Personal Life

Ana Cozar was born on 27 September 1981, in the vibrant Spanish capital of Madrid, where she was raised by her parents with siblings, specific details about whom remain undisclosed.

Ana harboured a keen interest in bodybuilding, fitness, and modelling from a young age —a passion that continues to shape her pursuits today.

Committing to her aspiration of becoming a bodybuilder at the age of 16, Ana simultaneously took on kickboxing training, showcasing her determination to explore various facets of physical fitness.



There is no information available about Ana’s formal education.


Ana dedicated an entire decade of hard work and perseverance to sculpting the physique she envisioned. By the year 2009, having undergone extensive training and transformation, she felt prepared to enter the competitive arena, and embark on her journey as a bikini athlete.

Her debut competition took place that year at the Ms. Rio pageant. Despite it being her inaugural venture into the competitive world, Ana demonstrated exceptional prowess and determination, securing victory and immediately being thrust into the spotlight. This early triumph marked the beginning of Ana’s notable career in the realm of competitive bodybuilding.

Following her triumph in the Ms. Rio pageant, Ana dedicated the latter part of 2009 to further refining and enhancing her physique; she made her professional debut by entering her first IFBB Physique competition in 2010, a significant milestone for Ana. The judges once again recognised her exceptional talent and dedication, awarding her 1st place. This victory not only solidified her position as a formidable competitor, but also fulfilled her ambitious goal of obtaining a Pro Card, officially establishing her as a professional athlete.

Remarkably, this achievement came in only her second competition, underscoring Ana’s rapid ascent in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

At the same time, Ana’s online presence skyrocketed, as a global audience of thousands began following her on various social media platforms to witness her training routines and physical transformation, eagerly seeking insights into Ana’s training regimen, aspiring to incorporate elements into their own fitness journeys.


However, Ana chose not to divulge her specific training plan to the public, explaining that she frequently adjusts her training regimen to cater to her body’s evolving needs, consistently modifying her training routine on a monthly basis. This approach ensures that her body undergoes constant variation, keeping it challenged and promoting growth.

While she refrains from sharing the entirety of her routine, Ana does highlight her focus on specific areas, particularly emphasising her calves, hamstrings, and glutes in her fitness workouts.

In addition to her remarkable achievements in the world of bodybuilding, Ana has extended her influence by establishing her own school. At this institution, she imparts weightlifting knowledge to young boys and girls, fostering a passion for fitness and well-being.


Ana’s contributions to the fitness industry have been further recognised through her roles as a Ronnie Coleman-endorsed athlete and an ambassador for Ryderwear, showcasing her credibility and influence within the field.

Her popularity has surged across various social media platforms, with millions of followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Presently, Ana boasts an impressive count of over 135,000 followers on Instagram.

Her self-titled YouTube channel, which she started in 2012, has garnered thousands of subscribers, solidifying her status as a sought-after model and bodybuilder with a growing global fanbase.


Interesting Facts

Ana’s central focus revolves around her passion for exercise, making it a primary and dedicated hobby in her life.

Living a luxurious lifestyle, Ana is frequently seen indulging in stays at five-star hotels during her travels, a pursuit she engages in whenever her schedule allows. Notably, she seeks hotels equipped with a gym, underlining her commitment to maintaining her fitness routine even while on the go.

Although much of her time is spent indoors during training and kickboxing sessions, Ana finds solace and enjoyment in the outdoors, especially in natural settings. Post-training, she relishes spending time by the ocean and rivers, or at the poolside.

Later Personal Life

Rumours suggest that Ana is currently in a relationship with one of the trainers at the gym where she works out. Despite their professional connection, it should be noted that he’s not Ana’s trainer; rather, they have collaborated and competed together in the same tournaments, albeit in separate divisions.

The rumoured relationship is said to have been ongoing for nearly a year, however, Ana hasn’t publicly addressed or spoken about her personal life, maintaining a level of privacy regarding her romantic endeavours.

Physical Characteristics

Ana isn’t very tall, reaching 5ft 5ins (165cms), and weighing a healthy and toned 136lbs (62kgs), with vital statistics of 34-24-40. She has long black hair and dark brown eyes.


Net Worth

Ana has enjoyed a successful career thanks to her hard work and dedication, and as a result, she has an estimated net worth of $100, 000 to show for it, as of early 2024.

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