Who is Stephanie Buttermore? Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband

April 18, 2024
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Who is Stephanie Buttermore?

Dr. Stephanie Buttermore is a cancer research scientist and health fanatic, who is widely known for her “Fitgirl Fantasy” YouTube videos. The multi-talented academic, who received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences, Pathology, and Cell Biology from the University of South Florida, was born on 25th February 1990, in the USA. Sporting an athletic build and enviable hourglass figure with vital statistics of 34-23-36, Stephanie is 5ft 5in (1.65m) tall and weighs about 120lbs (55kgs).

Early Years & Education

Stephanie moved to Florida with her parents and sister when she was a toddler.


Despite sharing a close bond with her nearest and dearest, there’s little information about Stephanie’s family online in order to respect their privacy.

After matriculating from high school, Stephanie gained her Bachelor of Science Micro/Molecular Degree with a first distinction and later studied MS Medical Sciences for Women’s Health. For her PhD, Stephanie wrote a thesis on ovarian cancer, the began working in hospitals immediately afterwards.

YouTube & Social Media

Following years of hard work as a scientist, Stephanie shifted her focus towards social media, using her knowledge and platforms to inform fans about the scientific aspects of training and nutrition.


Stephanie’s first YouTube video – “Day in the Life of a PhD (Cancer Research) | My Glute Training” – was uploaded in early February 2017, and has been seen almost 1.5 million times. A healthy mix of lifestyle, workout, and diet videos ensued, with the influencer educating her followers throughout the different stages of their fitness journey.

A viral video of Stephanie’s cheat day, in which she did the 10,000-calorie challenge, greatly boosted her channel popularity, and soon amassed millions of views. In time, the multi-racial content creator’s cheat day videos became a staple of her channel.

Now working practically full-time as a fitness coach, Stephanie also went viral on Instagram thanks to her lean physique and vibrant personality, which helped her gain endorsement deals with online brands.


However, tough times were ahead, as the gym expert began experiencing extreme hunger and various metabolic issues.

“All In”

In June 2019, Stephanie took to social media and bared her soul to fans as she confessed to having suffered extreme hunger during her fitness journey. Linked to eating disorder recovery, extreme hunger is associated with food restriction and can lead to a host of health issues.

The “All In” challenge Stephanie embarked on with the aim of healing her body, consisted of eating around 5,000 calories a day for an undefined period. The social media personality admitted from the start that it was an “emotional rollercoaster” which resulted in panic attacks and a several bad days.


Regularly updating her loyal followers with photos and videos, Stephanie gained 20lbs in just five weeks, and joined the body positivity moment. The influencer’s rapid weight gain became the talk of her fans, and caused her to go viral again thanks to her monthly before and after pictures.

By September 2019, Stephanie had gained 39lbs and said: “As more time passes, I’ve become more and more comfortable in my skin, and have grown to love the new me”. Eating nutritious whole foods and still training regularly at the gym, the raven-haired beauty’s boyfriend, fitness fanatic Jeff Nippard, was with her every step of the way.

In late October 2019, the scientist admitted to being insecure about her arms due to the weight gain.

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Roughly five months into the “All In” challenge, Stephanie candidly admitted that: “I want to be this light of positivity and body acceptance, but gaining weight can wreak havoc to an ego of even the most confident people”.

Despite the occasional negative post, Stephanie stuck to the “All In” challenge and proclaimed that 2020 would be her year of strength and personal growth. June 2020 marked the one-year anniversary of the American’s journey, and she posted an in-depth recap video detailing the changes in her body and metabolism.

Once Stephanie began losing weight again, she received some negative comments from members of the body positivity community.


However, she explained that the point of the journey’s second stage was not to lose weight, but rather to allow it to settle into its natural level after fixing her metabolic issues.

Having tried intuitive eating, lean bulking, reverse dieting, and many cheat days to combat her extreme hunger, Stephanie finally found something that worked to cure her extreme hunger,

Love Life

Stephanie and fitness guru Jeff Nippard began dating on 12 September 2016. Jeff, who was born in Canada on 6 October 1980, specializes in science-based bodybuilding, and has almost 700,000 Instagram followers with whom he shares workout videos and tips. Selling diet and training programs online is the influencer’s main source of income, as well as endorsing brands.

With a shared love of the theatre, fitness and travelling, Stephanie and Jeff regularly post cute photos together on social media. During Stephanie’s grueling “All In” journey, she thanked Jeff several times for his unconditional support, and he also publicly voiced his encouragement.

During their time in the online spotlight, both influencers have come under fire from social media users for different reasons. Jeff has been criticized in the past for advocating for COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, while Stephanie has been denounced for promoting unhealthy food and artificially flavored drinks brands for which she works as an online ambassador. Nevertheless, the couple, who are yet to marry or have children, have always had each other’s backs.


Stephanie’s Net Worth

Stephanie’s exact net worth is hard to calculate but is estimated at around $500,000 thanks to her YouTube channel, social media brand endorsements, and online training programs. Her training programs are often sold in bundles, so the exact number of monthly sales is indeterminate.

According to online sources, the scientist earns up to $7,000 a month from YouTube ad revenue, and charges around $1200 for a social media post. Stephanie’s earnings depend on her engagement rate, which is the number of likes and comments on a post divided by the follower count.

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