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April 18, 2024
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Keith Morrison Wiki Bio

Canadian broadcast journalist Keith Morrison was born in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada, on 2 July 1947, making his zodiac sign Cancer. He’s probably best known for working as a correspondent on the documentary news show “Dateline NBC” since 1995, while the show’s been running since 1992; it also stars Lester Holt and Andrea Canning, and follows several people as they’ve covering various true crime stories.

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Education and early life

Keith was raised in Lloydminster by his parents, however, being respective of their privacy as he is, he hasn’t shared any details about them with the public; it’s widely believed that Keith’s father was a factory worker, and that his mother taught math at a local elementary school. Keith hasn’t spoken about having siblings, and thus it’s believed that he’s an only child.

He was urged by his parents to pursue education from a very early age, and was amongst the best students in his class while attending a local high school; Keith was interested in a number of activities during his teenage years, as he enjoyed playing sports with his peers, excelling in tennis, and was also a member of his school’s creative writing club.

Upon matriculating in 1965, Keith enrolled at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history in 1968 (some sources mistakenly claim in 1966).


Career as a journalist

Keith launched his career upon graduation, as he began working as an anchor and reporter for a local station in his hometown.

He started attracting attention in 1973, when he began working as a newsreader for CTV’s morning news show “Canada AM”, while he was then promoted to weekend anchor and reporter, and then producer; Keith covered the 1973 Arab-Israeli War Yom Kippur War, and for his work won several awards.

In 1975 and 1976, he worked on the show “CTV National News” as a reporter, and between 1976 and 1979 as their substitute anchor and National Affairs Correspondent.

It was in 1982 that Keith joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and began working on the current affairs news show “The Journal” as its Chief Political Correspondent and substitute anchor, holding the job until 1986; in 1984 and ‘85, he also co-hosted the news magazine show “Midday” which he had helped create.

The year 1986 saw Keith move to Los Angeles, California when invited to work as a late-night news anchor at KNBC-TV; he began working as a west coast correspondent for NBC News two years later, and could mostly have been seen appearing in news shows “Today Show” and “NBC Nightly News”. In 1989, he covered the Tiananmen Square protests in China, and contributed to many NBC documentaries about these events.


In 1992, Keith moved back to Canada, and became a co-anchor of the most popular Canadian morning news show, CTV’s “Canada AM”, while simultaneously hosting the PBS’ show “The Editors”. For the following three years, Keith worked on the show “CTV National News” as a substitute anchor, and although he was to take over the position of an anchor after Canadian journalist Lloyd Robertson’s retirement, he was instead let go – while still working on “Canada AM”, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was to appear on the show but cancelled because Keith had referred to him as ‘whatshisname’.

He returned to the US in 1995, when he became a correspondent for “Dateline NBC”, and he’s since been holding the same job; concurrently, he appeared in the episode “The Trip” of the critically acclaimed comedy series “Seinfeld”.


Most watched YouTube videos

Keith doesn’t have his own YouTube channel, but many videos featuring him have been uploaded onto the video sharing service by others users, most of these show him while he’s working; we’re going to mention the three most popular videos amongst these, which’ve helped Keith build himself a fanbase on the internet.

His #1 video “Bill Hader’s Most Obscure Impressions” was uploaded by Jimmy Kimmel Live on 4 May 2018, and has since been watched over eight million times; it features American actor and comedian Bill Hader impersonating Keith (and other popular people).

Most watched video #2 is “TEEN MURDER: The story of 16 years old Micaela Costanzo killed by 17 year old lovers Dateline NBC” was uploaded by NewsBall TV on 18 August 2013, and has since been viewed nearly eight million times; it features Keith as he’s covering the murder of Micaela Constanzo by Kody Patten and Toni Fratto.

Keith’s #3 video “bill hader celebrity impressions (with references)” was uploaded by Hellmartin on 28 June 2020, and has since been watched more than 6.5 million times; similar to the #1 video, it features Bill Hader impersonating Keith.


Love life and wife

Even though Keith’s not so open when it comes to talking about his love life in public, it’s still widely known that he’s today married, and is a father of five.

He wed American non-celebrity Suzanne Perry (nee Langford) in a small and private ceremony in 1981, attended by less than 150 of their friends and family members; Suzanne’s an author, consultant and former news anchor, while she’s probably known best for having worked as Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s Press Secretary.

Suanne gave birth to her and Keith’s first daughter Caitlin in 1981, and their second daughter Emily followed in 1985; their son Willy was born in 1987, and was followed by their third daughter Madeleine in 1989. Keith’s also the stepfather of famous American-Canadian actor Matthew Langford Perry, known best for his portrayal of Chandler Bing in the critically acclaimed sitcom “Friends”.

Not many people know that this is Keith’s second marriage; he hasn’t shared any details about his first wife with the public, but it’s still known that their son Michael was born in 1974.

Keith hasn’t mentioned other women whom he’s perhaps dated, he’s married to his second wife Suzanne Perry as of November 2022, and they have four children together; Keith also has a son with his first wife.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Keith has quite a unique reporting style, which has been parodied by Bill Hader on the critically acclaimed comedy show “Saturday Night Live”; in an episode of the show “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, which aired on 30 March 2009, Bill joked about being afraid of meeting Keith in an elevator at the 30 Rockefeller Plaza building, where both “Saturday Night Live” and “Dateline NBC” were produced. The two men still met when Bill was being interviewed for “Weekend Today”.

Keith’s built himself quite a fanbase on Twitter; he launched his account in May 2010 and it’s today followed by more than 120,000 people, while he’s tweeted over 4,500 times, mostly to share news with his fans, but also to analyze various true crime stories.

His career’s taken him to nearly all of the US states, as well as to a number of Asian and European countries; Keith’s favorite city to travel to is Miami, Florida.

His favorite actors are Tom Hanks and Bill Murray, and some of his favorite movies include “Elvis”, “News of the World” and “Greyhound”.


Height, eyes and wealth

Keith’s age is 75. He has light blue eyes and gray hair, weighs around 155lbs (71kgs), and is 5ft 11ins (1.81m) tall.

Keith’s net worth’s been estimated at over $10 million, as of November 2022.

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